Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Let's Talk Vintage #13: Repurpose, Reuse, Remake Into Something Wonderful

Welcome to Let's Talk Vintage!
This is where you can add a link to your latest post about
a vintage piece you found, something old and nostalgic you collect
or even where you can link up vintage items that you sell.
Today I'm sharing snippets from a local Pennsylvania
warehouse filled with dealers who love vintage or use
it to repurpose furniture and other stuff!

This vendor had a unique hat or coat rack idea.
The different style numbers makes this one
add up to a perfect 10!
The rosettes for sale are an added bonus!
Plus, did you catch the page
book or newspaper wreath, too?
Paint anything pink and I am usually taking a picture of it!
The lines and the circular mirror in this 1930's vanity
is still helping women look beautiful!

I loved this booth with the great ideas...
from the recovered office style chairs to
the backgammon table to the small
chalkboard pedestal table..... it is filled with vintage love!

And I've ALWAYS loved old photos...
this vendor only deals in antique photography...
what a collection! She was also at the antique
show I did back in October.
And now it is time, Let's Talk Vintage!

Last week we saw Jann of
create this wonderful mantel
display for the New Year
shared collectible flower frogs.
Always a hit!

And Melissa of Melissa's Antiques
went thrifting and found all of this! All I can say is...
we don't have cool thrift shops like she does!
And that pink bowl caught my eye... it is not LuRay
but I did see in her post that she had found some.
Oh my! Does she know I am a nut
for LuRay?????

Now it is your turn to link up....


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