Friday, August 24, 2007

It's A College Send Off Party!

Its Back to School . . .

My step-daughter is on her way! But before we sent her off we invited her over for a delizioso Italiana dinner and a few surprises to wish her GOOD LUCK! Even her boyfriend joined us.

We think her favorite gift was the funky license tag her Dad got for her in Ocean City. Sure beat the room decorating kit I picked out! Oh well. I try.

Here we are ...feeling old....and remembering how much fun school was! To the good times then and to the great memories she will make over the next few years. Molto Bene!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

~Recent Birthday~

And what an amazing hubby I have. Check out the cool (and delicious) cake he made for me!

Looks like I'm going to have to work on my cake decorating skills... in time for his Christmas birthday. How do you compete with this???? He'll just say it is because he "grew up on a farm." But, he also had commercial cooking in high school.

To go with the cake he invited friends and family over to the house to help celebrate. This is my last year in the fabulous 30's so I'd better enjoy it. It was great to see everyone and even my stepchildren stopped by! Thanks, honey!

My first Blog entry!

I did it. I finally decided to start a blog, late on a Wednesday afternoon. I should be doing something more constructive like finishing all of the projects I've started this summer....but there is time for that. I hope. Anyway, congratulations to me, for actually accomplishing THIS. And of course, I will have to find a flashy new background...or make one myself.

We just got back from the beach in Ocean City last week so I will check into how to post pictures! More to follow...

Here they are! The O.C.B.P stand and one of my favorites....the Ferris Wheel. I've even included one of my husband and I. "Another first" as we like to say...trying out the boardwalk Surreys!