Friday, September 28, 2007

A BIG "Thank You" from Minnie!

I think our prayers were answered! Minnie is definitely on the mend. It was amazing to watch her wound begin to heal. Each day it looked smaller and smaller. I am so relieved! She is back to her old self and keeps bugging me about going outside again. But, we will wait just a little bit longer and this time I'll have to go with her. We spotted that mean 'ol cat again. She was approaching Lovey this time. But, Love held her ground. Minnie would like to leave a message for someone very special:

Dear KA,

THANK YOU for all of your prayers. My boo boo is going away. I feel better and better everyday. Soon I can go outside and PLAY!


Friday, September 21, 2007

Miss Minnie - Injured But Still Spunky

When I first saw Minnie at the humane league in Missouri, I knew she was the one I just HAD to take home. Out of a litter of all black kittens, she was the dark striped tabby. And she was energetic, fiesty, and adorable! Here is her picture from kittenhood:

Well, it has been 11 years now and she is still here with me. Through all of the moving, etc, she is happy as a lark where we live now. Unfortunately I let her outside for too long one day and she must have come across another cat because she came back with two horrible cat bites in the leg and back.

At first all seemed to be going well after a trip to the vet. Then, an infection set in on the leg. After another trip to the vet (who suggested she needed surgery), she seems to be doing better but I have to pray her new, open wound, will heal well.

At least Sissy and Love have seemed concerned. Well, a little.


Love, my step-cat:

Friday, September 14, 2007

Summer is Leaving Me! Don't Go...

Ok, so our deck is filling up with these little things that are falling...and it is making me very upset! Each year this happens and I do the same thing. I start to realize summer is coming to an end and winter is LOOMING ahead of me. Maybe I should live in a much warmer climate. You think??? Now, I don't see too many of the leaves actually turning on the trees...things are still pretty green here. But, it is happening, just the same. I have even written a poem about this topic. Not recently, I think I wrote it in 2000. The year 2000 was an interesting year. I really haven't written much poetry since.

Summer Flight

It's flying flying flying faster than I can grab onto it.
Every moment, every hour, everyday.
Summer is leaving.
Leaving me behind.
And I can't stop it.
Stay, stay, please stay!
The warm cricket evenings.
Leaves touching the breeze.
Absorbing summer sounds.

Hot days, cool nights.
How I love the summertime.
Now it's reign has come and gone.
Soon the cold will be the only one.
And my days will be shorter.
Less free.
Tied up in bundles of clothes.
How I long for the summer.
When winter wind blows.

Now the brighter days seem old.
Why can't I remember them?
Each day that passed didn't leave a memory.
Where has my summer gone?
Don't leave!
There's still lots to be done!
(I'm ready now!)
Lemonade to be made.
Water to splash in.
An ocean to see.
The sand between my toes.
What happened to summer?
I can't let it go.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Carrie Underwood Concert~ York Fair, York, PA

What a great show! I originally bought the tickets as a gift for my dear hubby and I just went along for I am not a HUGE Carrie Underwood fan. Don't get me wrong, I wanted her to win American Idol and I thought she was great but after seeing her show, I am now a fan! Since I already had "Jesus take the Wheel" on my iPOD, I am now seeking out other songs to add as well. And I definitely wish I had downloaded "I'll Stand By You" when I had the chance back in the spring...because you can't get it now on itunes. Anyway, we had a great time and I've borrowed a photo of her from the concert so I can't take credit where credit is due. I love to take photos as a hobby but this one is great and not one of mine! Dear Hubs really liked the concert too but didn't like the seating I selected. Again, I try! Maybe next time the York Fair folks will provide the usual video screens for people who aren't sitting in the front rows. Also, we saw her opening act which turned out to be pretty good, a group called "Lady Ante Bellum" which is a strange name, but I think they should do well. We had to wait a long time for the crew to strike down their set before Carrie's set was ready. She was worth it in the end! Whoo hoo! I hope this doesn't turn me into a country girl...

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Nubble Lighthouse ~ Cape Neddick, Maine

It was ANOTHER gorgeous day for us to visit a lighthouse in Maine. Last year we got up early to see the Portland Lighthouse but we weren't so energetic this year! But we were early enough to have great lighting on our subject. I could have stayed there all day but we had to get going because the drive up I-95 was going to be LONG. We were disappointed because you could not walk up to the Nubble Light, it is on its own special island. But, still some very pretty views here and it was worth the pitstop.

This light house shows a red beam...

I even captured an artist's photo while he was sketching the island. Everyone was drawn to him as he was working.

While viewing the lighthouse I couldn't help but look at the houses on the Cape behind me. Wouldn't this one be a great place to live in the summer??? Dream on...

Vintage Finds ~ New England Trip

Ok, so before I go ahead and post the photos from our Maine Lighthouse stop...I decided to post pictures of our vintage finds...because well, I actually had a request! How exciting! I guess this is why blogging is so much FUN! Here are just a few of the fun items we found:

Occupied Japan Dog

Fenton Cat

Gold Metal Flask Style Mesh Purse

Pretty Teal Cabochon & Aqua Rhinestone Pin

Dear Hubby found the Scotty Dog Lighter

Funky Old Sparkly Earrings!

We had so much fun traveling down Rte 10 on the border between New Hampshire and Vermont ...handpicking these vintage treasures. You just never know what will be around the corner. Can't wait 'til we do it again!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Maine Beautiful

What an awesome creation. . .

What can I say? Maine is one of the most beautiful states I've ever visited...and our summer '07 trip didn't let us down. We went through Baxter State park in scenic Aroostook County and saw awesome sights of the mountains including the BIGGIE.... Mt. Kathadin!

Baxter State Park is a 42 mile journey by car. And we did the WHOLE thing. Took 3 hours! We stopped for a picnic lunch along the way. The field of wildflowers to the left was our view! Amazing stuff.

Here it is. . . Mt. Kathadin . . .

I really enjoy taking photos as a hobby and this is one of my favorites. A small set of wildflowers in the foreground while the mountain stands strong in the background. I like the contrasting images...and the statement the photo makes.

And who knew the Appalachian Trail ended in Maine???? That's a lot of hiking!
Our idea of the Appalachian Trail was yard saling from southern Maine all the way down to Vermont. The neat stuff we found! Anything from vintage candy containers to old pie birds to sparkling vintage costume jewelry. Now that's our idea of FUN. Call us crazy!

Earlier in the week we also went hunting for antiques along coastal route 1 waaaaayyyy up in the Northern end of the state on our way to check out Presque Isle. We found a couple of treasures along the way at This n That Antiques and Weathervane Antiques...but I didn't take photos because it was a complete downpour! But we made the best of it and went to the Irish Setter Pub in Presque Isle for dinner.

And what trip to Maine would be complete without a moose sighting. This was as close as we got... a moose track along Stump Pond in Baxter State park. We usually see at least one each summer but this time, no luck!
On our way up to visit Dad's place we stopped at the York Beach area and took pictures of the Nubble Lighthouse at Cape Neddick. I'll post those pictures next...