Monday, December 31, 2007

Looking Back at 2007, Forward to 2008

Let's take a quick look back at 2007...or is that possible? After all, it was 365 great days...chock full of so many events.

There was our kitchen makeover...before and after:

My DH worked REALLY hard on this! I think he was living at LOWES for awhile and I'll bet the employees thought so, too. He did such a great job. (I was the designer and helper.) And believe it or not, we decided to go with that copper tile. For now.

Then we had our Memorial Day get together which went by like a blur and I must have forgotten to take pictures! Of course that was BB...(before blog.)

Oh there were antique treasure hunts, yard sales, beach vacations, church picnics (I absolutely LOVE potluck dinners!)
There was our trip to the York Fair (whooie!) to see Carrie Underwood in concert, theatre shows, family visits to Georgia, Maine, and NJ.

And of course there was the CAMPING trip. Who could forget that???

We had a college send off party, summer birthday celebrations, and that's just the icing on the cake. And to think I just started this blog back in August.

All the great stories ... and some I missed writing about...again, BB (before blog.)

But 2008 is just around the corner. I can't wait to see what is in store... stay tuned!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas '07... Parts 1 & 2

Now that I am feeling better (I have been sleeping a lot like Santa here)...I wanted to post some great photos from our Christmas the week before I was sick and of Christmas Eve with my hubby and Step-Children. We really had a nice time together...and we also celebrated my DH's birthday.
So here are the snapshots below...beginning with Christmas celebration number one at my Sister's:

Grandpa smiles as he hands out gifts he brought from Maine...

My nephew goes to work right away on his new LEGO set. I think he's going to be an engineer or architect someday!

The pretty Party Lite Candles from my Sista!

Christmas celebration number two starting with my DH's birthday cake, about to be devoured...

My three Step-children (all grown up now) look on as their Dad opens up gifts they gave him.

His eldest daughter opening one of her gifts...

Besides his mad bomber rabbit fur hat, my Step-Son still loves to get Hess trucks every year...while my other Step-daughter receives coffee filters and coffee! Oh boy! (She did receive a coffee maker from us as well so this wasn't too bad of a gift!)

And as for me, I was starting to lose my voice from all the laughter. I paid dearly for it the next day, but it was worth it! I still think my DH's chicken soup cured me. We just finished the rest of it last night.

Plus, we still have two more Christmas celebrations to go with my Mother and another with my DH's family up north at the farm. Hope your Christmas was merry! Send me a link to your blog if you have your Christmas photos posted...I'd love to see them.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The BEST Christmas Chicken Soup

Well it turns out I did not have the Merriest of Christmases... the cold I was trying to overcome did not get of course, became WORSE. So, we did not make it up to the family farm (very disappointed we didn't get to see everyone PLUS I was going to bring a flat Stanley to have his pictures taken with the cows.) And of course, we did not get to enjoy the turkey, stuffing, potatoes, etc....along with the tasty cookie arrnagement prepared by my Sister's in Law. BUT, my DH decided it was time to make his homemade chicken soup to "take care of his bride." Isn't that the sweetest? And it certainly was the best Christmas chicken soup I've ever had. Like food from the Gods on Mt. Olympus...or whatever that is supposed to be...ambrosia maybe?

I kept insisting he go on up home without me to be with his family, and that I would be "Ok." He said he couldn't leave me on Christmas. So we snuggled up and watched movies all afternoon...and then he made his wonderful soup. He is the best gift I have ever received!

Monday, December 24, 2007


Just wanted to wish you a warm and wonderful Christmas. Tonight we'll remember the reason for the season, the birth of Jesus, by attending a Christmas Eve candlelight service.

Then we'll also celebrate another DH's! In a way he is very blessed to have his birthday fall on such a joyous occasion. I'm sure it seems like his special day is swept up into all the other festivities. Either way, we are going to celebrate it this evening with his three children and that is the best gift he could ever receive from them.

I've just made a cake for him and if you'll remember back in August he made and decorated a cake for me...and it turned out great so I had to really get out the decorating it is:

So, our stockings are stuffed, the gifts are wrapped, the lights are on, we're all set to celebrate Christmas tonight as well. Then tomorrow it is up to the family farm for Christmas...lots of turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes n gravy, and my favorite sweet potatoes!

This picture below was taken several years ago when we had a big snow...but they are usually colder up there than down maybe we'll have snow again! my Sisters-in-law make special Christmas cookies (I don't even try to compete with this) which we feast on all evening before, during, and after the gift exchange!

A joyous day and night to you all!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Looking a LOT Like Christmas!

Since the day after Thanksgiving I have been decorating. A little bit here, a little bit there. My DH brought home some lovely greens and berries from the family farm a few weeks ago. Today he made final touches on a wreath (isn't he the BEST?) and "we" hung it outside the house. He was on the ladder and I of course, was directing down below.

In addition to the wreath he made boughs
for the outdoor windowsills and I made
the velvet bows. Together we do great
things, if we just had more time...

And speaking of needing more time...look what new project lies on our horizon??? The latest storm brought the ice and heavy winds, which took out FOUR of our trees.

We received a knock on our door the other night from this nice little elderly couple. They wanted to know if we could work "something out." Turns out our four trees took out their lovely apple tree and pine. Oh dear!

I'm imagining this mess will make a nice
handmade entertainment center by a local cabinet maker...or a big stack of firewood?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Quiche?

If you've never tried making quiche before or if you've never even tried eating it, you do not know what you are missing. I've eaten it before but just recently I've gotten into making it. Awesome! In fact, if you've got a great quiche recipe that you KNOW is the aboslute BEST...send it in to me! I'd love to make it.

I may even bring a quiche or two for Christmas dinner with my family. Any ideas?

Here is a brief history on quiche:

"Although quiche is now a classic dish of French cuisine, quiche actually originated in Germany, in the medieval kingdom of Lothringen, under German rule, and which the French later renamed Lorraine. The word ‘quiche’ is from the German ‘Kuchen’, meaning cake. The original ‘quiche Lorraine’ was an open pie with a filling consisting of an egg and cream custard with smoked bacon. It was only later that cheese was added to the quiche Lorraine. Add onions and you have quiche Alsacienne. The bottom crust was originally made from bread dough, but that has long since evolved into a short-crust or puff pastry crust. Quiche became popular in England sometime after the Second World War, and in the U.S. during the 1950's. Because of its primarily vegetarian ingredients, it was considered a somehow ‘unmanly’ dish, - “real men don’t eat quiche.” Today, one can find many varieties of quiche, from the original quiche Lorraine, to ones with broccoli, mushrooms, ham and/or seafood (primarily shellfish). Quiche can be served as an entrĂ©e, for lunch, breakfast or an evening snack."

Hmmmm....they didn't mention "also may be brought as a Christmas side dish." Looks like I'm going to be a rebel this year.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Anyone who knows me or at least has read some of my past posts...would know I do not like cold weather. We've had one cold event after another here and this ice is not making it any better ! But, I will have to admit, I do enjoy the opportunity to take some different photos. (Took me many shots to catch the water drips!) So, turn up the heat, put another log on the fire, and enjoy.

I like how the green leaves contrast with the clear ice...

I suppose it takes just the right elements to create this effect...a certain temperature, rain, etc. Since this doesn't happen THAT much I don't mind it. But, I could really use a sunny day. I'm going to take a look back and remember some of the wonderful summer weather we enjoyed...

Here's one! Ahhh, yes, a wonderful hot day in Maine. Miss you!

Here is where I really want to be!
Just 5 more months to go...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Nutcracker Comes to Life!

Look how cute! An antique mall in our area got a little creative with their display. What a great idea and how adorable these kids look. Just when you think kids won't do anything old fashioned, they do.

And although not from the Nutcracker, check out these guys in their 50's garb:
I also liked this moment when the Sugar Plum Fairy needed a break inbetween customers:

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Oh yes, it snowed today. And this is way too much of the fluffy white stuff than I would like. But it could have been worse! Well, at least enjoy the pictures while it lasts. By tomorrow, it won't look this pretty!

Monday, December 3, 2007

A Skytop Christmas Party

Well, we were on the road again! My DH and I packed, loaded up the car, and took a journey all the way up to Skytop Lodge in the Poconos. This place is amazing! It was our second time there for a party and I can't say enough about it. They treat their customers like royalty. And the Christmas party was tons of fun, too. Lots of great food, friends, and plenty of dancing! In fact, my feet are still hurting...

The culinary staff put together this yummy looking (and smelling) gingerbread house that would have made Hansel and Gretel envious. Loaded with icing, candies and HERSHEY'S chocolate bars...I was gaining weight just looking at it. All the baking must have taken awhile...a thousand pounds of gingerbread later. Guess they're not too worried about being "green."

The entire place is made up of 5500 acres...lots to do even in the wintertime. This picture was taken the first day before we started our hunt for vintage finds.

We woke up the next morning to a winter
wonderland. But no worries, Skytop even has its own ski slopes and ice skating rink!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Very Thankful

What a nice Thanksgiving we had. I am very thankful for so many things. Family, friends, health, and home. We tend to forget the important things in life and this was one of them. I didn't really mind all of the work that goes into having the dinner at our place. I guess I'm at the age where I think it is FUN! Even the dishes and all of the prep. Well, ok, after awhile the dishes weren't so much fun but overall...I would turn around and do it again! Every other day during the year we can use the everyday dishes, the throw away napkins or paper plates...but ONE day out of the year we can treat ourselves to something SPECIAL.

I was also thrilled to try out my "new" china. This lovely place setting of pseudo vintage (Made in Japan) china was a whopping $12.50 at a recent auction. TWELVE DOLLARS and FIFTY CENTS! And my DH bid on the lovely LENOX water goblets and wine glasses and "won" them at another bank breaking 50 cents. I may never shop at another store again! This brings up another thought which I will leave for another blog...

But anyway, to the right is a photo of the Thanksgiving table...waiting for the feast to begin. And what a feast it was! My DH and I had a nice sized turkey, stuffing, potatoes...a special sweet potato casserole made by my Step-daughter, the traditional green bean casserole made by my big Sista, deviled eggs (one of my favorites,) 2 pumpkin pies (DH.) an apple pie (same Step-daughter,) and more!

And let's not forget about the V-8 juice! We had a special guest visiting from San Diego who had never heard of this unique tradition before, and boy did she make a face when she tried it! Ok, so it is an acquired taste... miss you, Grandmom, and your V-8 toast!

How thankful I am for everything, especially the new memories made on this day with people I know and love.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

WOW! Really Impressed!

Still busy! We've already gone on ANOTHER outing. My DH wanted to go see a concert. And I am not a big concert fan...but we all sometimes have to do things we are not fans of. But last night's concert by Steven Curtis Chapman was excellent. Really impressive! The man is extremely talented. My favorite song was the one that made me cry...Cinderella. The photo below shows how they play a video of two silhouettes dancing together as he sings about how quickly his daughter grew up.
Another favorite of mine is I Will Be Here. I was reminded of this as he started playing the song and I realized it was the song my big Sista sung at our wedding. (Another talented singer.) His new album also contains some great is called This Moment. Check him out... you won't be sorry you did.

Monday, November 12, 2007

City 'Scapes

What a great time we had in Pittsburgh this weekend! I had been there before, but only a little while so this was a great chance to see the city. DH and I went out to see my stepdaughter and she showed us some great highlights.

This was our view from the Georgetown Inn, where we chose to have dinner that night. Great food and the view was SPECTACULAR!

To get up there we took the Monongahela Incline, but of course, not until after we got off we realized we should have taken the Duquesne Incline. Oh well! Now we know. But then we wouldn't have found this great vantage point for the photo without it.

We had checked out Pittsburgh University earlier that day. Very old campus. The cathedral was amazing. Loved the arches and all the antiques inside. Can't believe they have classes in there! Talk about inspiration!

A great photo opp on the steps of the cathedral!
And then of course we HAD to check out the stores.

I found a shop selling Mackenzie Childs items! I selected one of the latest Christmas ornaments. . . in "Ribbon Candy." We also went into a Swedish store.

DH and my stepdaughter had fun trying out different things in the PITT store. Fun!

DH put this hat on me. What is he trying to tell me?

One of our favorite moments was finding this musical fountain. We walked up and realized the water was coordinated with the music....and ABBA was playing! (My stepdaughter is thinking "What is ABBA??????")
The colors were so pretty, especially at night.

We had a great time and we look forward to our next adventure...