Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Photo of the Week: Ewww! Icing!

While other babies enjoy smashing their first birthday cake, mine did not.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What do an Air Show, a Wedding & Elvis have in common?

They were all found while we were at the beach! (And you thought I was going to say Vegas!)

A little more than a week ago we were just celebrating the end of summer with a last hurrah visit to the shore.

While walking along the boardwalk one night we spotted this:

Let's see... people gathered in one place forming an aisle down the center...

An arbor with flowers ....a woman in white and a man in black....
It's a beach wedding!

Awwwwwww. So many people were stopping to take photos and to watch. Not like we could hear it or anything, nor did any of us know the couple getting married... yet we were fascinated just the same.

And while sitting under our umbrella, there's an airshow (practice) going on. All we had to do was sit there and enjoy! Pretty cool!

It was tough getting a good photo with the glare of the sun.
With my chintzy little travel digi camera.

Looks like this seagull wanted some attention as well.

Crazy loop de loops! The seagull backed out on this trick.
These last two images are pretty neat. It was amazing in person. The F-16's that flew overhead previously were SO LOUD. And scary. Heard them while in the hotel before we hit the beach. Luckily someone had told us there would be an air show practice going on that afternoon. If they hadn't, I would have thought we were under some sort of attack. Didn't scare Dear Bebe though. She was excited!

I never thought I would be interested in an airshow but I liked it!

So after seeing a wedding and an air show... it was no surprise to find this guy singing and swinging his hips along the boards.

The only thing Dear Bebe was interested in was watching the seagulls. A little something for everyone, I guess!

Monday, September 28, 2009

ELMO Steals the Show

Mommy had everything all set for Dear Bebe's big party...

Set up coordinating colored party decor...

Provided enough little Elmo's to feed a hungry crowd...(are they cute or what...made by a sweet sweet friend)

People came and had fun on the swings,

(the birthday girl)

Played on the see-saw

and more...

Ate tons and tons of food...

But this guy
the show!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Bebe's First Birthday

Dear Bebe turned one yesterday! I can't believe it has been a year since she was born already. The time does fly so fast.

We are having her party this weekend so to keep it low key but to celebrate her day Dear Hubs and I just had small cupcakes (the only ones he could find were Halloween themed!) and she opened one present.

The funniest moment was when she didn't know what the cupcake was all about and promptly tossed it on the floor.

Sometimes you just have to laugh. But then as you can see by the photo, she figured it out!
Here is the invitation I made for her upcoming "First Birthday Bash." The names have been changed of course.

There's lots to write about what we've been doing to plan for her get together. This is mostly for Mommy I think! She won't remember a thing. But I'm just so excited and want to celebrate this milestone.

We have Ms. Daisy coming to see us and Mrs. Tuneful (my Sister and her family)

Happy Birthday Sweetpea!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shrivers Salt Water Taffy

This week I'll be continuing to blog about our recent beach trip. We did a lot in a few days. Ms. Daisy even came over to see us on the boardwalk where we were staying.

One of my favorite places on the boards is this old salt water taffy store.

The vintage building...always there, never changing. Like coming "home" everytime I visit.

Just look at that! Fun fun fun.

And not only do they make about that fudge! Love the old fashioned display cases.

And the boxes and boxes of taffy in their signature wrappings. Of course we picked out our favorite flavors to take home with us.

At the back of the store is a glass window where you can see the staff making the taffy.

I got lucky and that day they were making strawberry flavored. PINK!

Yummy yummy.

One night while walking along the shops we stopped at the front of the taffy store because they have these little rotating dolls that flip. Dear Bebe was very excited to see them. I hope we can continue the tradition to visit our favorite beach each year. It is a fun place for the whole family!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Back from the Beach!

We're back! During my "break" from Jillian's Pages we took a trip to the beach. I love it there. Let's just say September can either be a perfect time to go or it can go the other way. We had a little of both.

But Dear Bebe still got an afternoon of being on the beach for the first time. She wasn't sure what to do with the shovel. Dear Hubs gave her a helping hand.

How cute is that?

Here's Mommy and Dear Bebe. I love her little sundress. She loved the seagulls.

The boardwalk is one of my favorite things to do. Salt water taffy, shopping, pizza! Since it was the end of the season (clearance sales!) I indulged in a bunch of beachwear. Oh, and did I mention the pizza?

We'll be back soon to show you more pictures. We saw an air show too while out on the beach. It was really cool! I even managed to do some antique shopping and found some really nice pieces. I'll be showing them either on this blog or the Bella Rosa blog.

I'm still trying to recooperate from the vacation. Why is it we seem more tired from a "relaxing" trip to the beach????

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Taking a Break

I'll be taking a little break for the rest of the week...

It will be nice to just coast along for awhile.
See you when I get back.

Monday, September 14, 2009

I Was a Steel Magnolia

It's been a little more than three years since then.

I don't remember now what made me want to do it. Maybe I saw an ad somewhere or maybe it had been my recent stint back on the stage dancing, but I decided to audition for a local theatre production of Steel Magnolias.

To tell you the truth, I really didn't think I was going to get a part. I had never really acted before, I'd always been in the chorus or the dance troupe in high school... and well, that had been quite some time ago.

But it was either my skills learned while working in TV or maybe it was the fact I had red hair. It turns out the young woman who landed the role of Shelby (the Julia Roberts character) was a redhead so it must have made logical sense to select me. Or, maybe I actually did a good job in my audition.

Either way, I had NO IDEA what I was getting myself into. I hadn't seen the movie in eons. I mean, I really didn't realize which character I could be getting. I was just going to go and read some lines and well, just see.

Ha! Well, this is what happens y'all when you aren't paying attention. I was given the role of M'Lynn, the mother of Shelby. (The Sally Field character.)

So to my surprise one night while going over the script with the cast I discovered I had to portray this scene below. Oh yes.

My first reaction was. Oh no. Oh no no no no nooooooo. I can't do this. I CAN'T!!!!

The directors just looked at me like "oh yes you can."

And over the course of time I learned my lines. I went over that scene and over that scene... until finally I made my peace with it.
They even had "Shelby" and I go to a bridal shop together and get into character and act like we were gown shopping. What a hoot! It actually helped give us a mother/daughter bond.

But I think now I would have played out that scene a lot different. I understand the feelings of having a daughter of my own. I think I would have been sobbing real tears.

Maybe I'm a Steel Magnolia after all.