Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mundane Mommy Tasks

A little more than a year ago I became a stay at home Mommy for the first time. I love my little baby girl and feel blessed I get to stay home and care for her. But some days I miss working. Not just a 9 - 5 job.... but my actual CAREER.

My career as a local TV producer gave me an identity. I was part of something that mattered.

There are days I find myself wondering what happened to that person. Where did she go?

Is the woman I hear saying "where is your blankie?" and "does Bebe want some milky?" the same woman who used to write scripts, draw storyboards, and edit on air promotions? It sure doesn't seem like it. These tasks seem so SIMPLE.

But one day a devotion I read really caught my attention. It was about how mundane tasks are the things that matter.

Do everything without complaining or arguing, Philippians 2:14

Since I have no idea what God's plans are for me, my family, and especially my little girl, who am I to complain about something which may seem mundane when actually this is the biggest, most important task of all!

So could you hand me a blankie and pass the milky? These are my new tools of the trade and I work for a very high authority.

I'd like to thank Charlotte and Ginger for hosting Spiritual Sunday.

What “mundane” things in your life may, in reality, be the “real thing”?


Connie said...

At least you "get" it, sugar. Most women want the "POWER" an outside brings. There IS no greater power than being a mom.

"No success can compensate for failure in the home." And you're the biggest success of all. When our Savior comes again you'll be supremely blessed for staying home with Lè Bèbè, sweet mommy chick. I can guarantee you this one.


Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Jillian, I agree with everything Connie has said, You are experiencing the highest calling a woman has and that is to shape and mold another human being.And the rewards last an eternity. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt post. I have been truly blessed.

Mary said...

To be pleasing to the Lord, rather than to please self of the world, is truly where our "power" is. Power in the blood, power in the Word, and power in obedience to the will of God. You are a wise woman that is building her house on the Word of the Lord. I have had to learn the same lesson with my own family...having worked in real estate for 30 years, staying home to care for two disabled adults was HARD. But I also found that this is my calling, and the blessings just don't stop flowing.

God bless,

Debbie said...

Having spent my whole life as a "stay at home" I have looked back at various different times and wondered, what else did I do with my life? Could I have done more, should I have done more? But I always come back to the same thing. That is what I was called to do. It was my ministry. As mundane and everydayish as it could be most of the time. To do what God has called you to do with all of your heart is all He wants from us. My children are all grown adults now and have kids of their own (some of them anyway) and I see the cycle starting all over again. What you are doing is sacrificial in many ways, and worthwhile and full of blessings for you both now and later in your life. I am glad you understand the importance of it. And "blankies and milky" will change to different things over the next several years, but the rewards will be many. Blessings to you, Debbie

Ginger said...

I admire women who choose to do this. I was never able to be a stay at home mom, because of financial reasons. So I respect women who have that choice. Even now I wish I could stay at home so I can see my grandchildren more. God bless you and your decision. Also Amen to what Connie said.
God Bless,

Ginger said...
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MJ said...

Been there; done that. I remember wandering around behind a stroller wondering in what direction my life was going. I may have to juggle a job and family life now, but I do have the best of both worlds by working reduced hours so that I can still spend so much more time with the girls. They are so important to me and I know I matter much more to them. An employer can replace an employee; no one can replace Mom.

Ms.Daisy said...

Yours is the most awesome responsibility and, yet, the most rewarding 'job' you will every have. Keep Godly priorities clear and you will not go wrong.

Ms.Daisy Mau

Apron of the Month Club said...

It is so nice to meet you. What a wonderful blessing it is for you to be able to stay home. I'm a single mom of 2 teen kids. I have custody so they are always with me. I would not want them anywhere else. Being their mom is the best part of my life.

All Praise to God!

Denise said...

You are truly blessed.

Renee said...

Our two oldest daughters did the same thing...they felt it was hard, but worth the struggle...Bless you and your baby.