Friday, February 5, 2010

Pending Snowstorm

Our area of the country is all a buzz with talk of a snow storm. I've seen it on the radar and this one is a BIGGIE. A friend of mine wrote on facebook how she had seen a local headline read: Mid Atlantic Region to be Mauled by Snowstorm.
Mauled? I'm not sure about that one. A little too dramatic don't ya think?

Well, the pantry is full of soup, so we're good.

I'm kidding.

We actually do have a ton of soup. I'm not sure what we were thinking when stocking up. But it's there.

My calendar is also turning into swiss cheese. It is full of holes now!

We have our annual Valentine's Day Tea at the antique mall where we have a booth on Sunday. It also happens to be Super Bowl Sunday! We were hoping to go to a get together but this may not happen either. Not because of the snow, but because we can't find a baby sitter yet.

So, more on the Valentine's Day tea later. I've got to get my snow gear ready. And make these yummy cookies to serve.


Jillian, Inc said...

I love me a good snowstorm NOW - but not so excited about them growing up in the Midwest. As long as you don't lost power and can stay inside toasty and warm, I think it's kinda fun.

Michelle said...

I hope the snow storm isn't a mauling! Wish I lived closer ~ I'd babysit.. and you could pay me in cookies! :)

Ms.Daisy said...

Sorry about your plans. . .you know the old saw. . ."the best laid plans of mice and men..." I sure hope you find a sitter so that when (if) you get out of the snow you can get to your tea party.

Ms. Daisy Mau

jennifer said...

Keep warm and safe while you are being mauled :)

Have a good weekend Jillian.

kab said...

I want some of those cookies.....I ate ALL the ones you brought at Christmas! :)