Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shrunk in the Dryer Cute

Recently I came across this vintage doll furniture. I fell in love with it immediately. So cute. To quote an old friend they are "Shrunk in the dryer cute!"
How great my LuRay dinnerware would look on the table. Tee hee!

That gives me an idea... make mini LuRay dishes!

What this furniture is really making me think about is getting a dollhouse for Dear Bebe someday. How much fun it will be!

But I think for now I will imagine sitting on this patio set with the sun shining on my face. The snow is still here but spring is only 32 days away! THIRTY TWO DAYS, people, 32 days! It's do-able. Think I can make it!

Along with some vintage rose fabric, books and jewelry, I will be adding these cute vintage pieces to the Bella Rosa website tonight. Think I'll start a new "Vintage Toys" category. Fun!

Are you a dollhouse person? I'd love to hear about yours!


Claudia said...

I am a dollhouse person and I'm currently 'renovating' one I got on Craigs List. I love all things miniature.

That furniture reminds me so much of the kind I had when I was a kid - it went with one of those metal dollhouses and I loved it.


Lisa said...

I had several doll houses when I was little. I had a great tin one that this stuff would have fit right in! Then I had a few Barbie, Sunshine Family, and Holly hobbie play sets I just loved! Anything I could colse up and take it all with me was a must have! Then I had the big formal wood with working front door one. Sadly after I decorated it I really had little use for it. I loved it but I wasn't in to playing in it any more. It was fixed and I wanted it to stay that way! hehehe But I do love Doll houses, I just don't need ANYMORE things to collect!
Hugs, Lisa

Michelle said...

Sweet doll furniture. I was a Barbie girl, but I always wanted a doll house. Now I've got a big grown up house and that's enough. :)