Thursday, January 28, 2010

His N Hers

This past weekend I decided a change was in order for my office area. First, let me say I share an office with my Dear Hubby so my space is limited.

So we have "your half" and "my half" going on.

It helps if I can let Dear Bebe in the office with me so I can work occasionally on orders for my website or answer some of the emails I receive.

Sounds good? Not if you have antiques on open shelves in the room. Nightmare with a toddler with grippy hands.

So I decided to buy new shelving that would fit in the closet and store everthing where the doors can be closed.

That left my current shelving available for other items! I hadn't thought about it until the new space was created and I love what I've decided to use it for. My shipping supplies, boxes, ribbons, etc.

She loves to play with the boxes and ribbons which can easily be wound up again and put back on the shelf. Nothing to break there!
This is the other half of the room. It doesn't help we also have an antique booth and end up with lots of excess stuff, bins, boxes, containers waiting to be taken to the antique mall.

Even Dear Bebe thinks it's a mess.

Goal for this year: Work on this room as well as our dining room. We had big plans when we moved in four years ago to paint and put up crown molding, etc in our formal dining area.

Ha! We'll see. I've got 11 months left.

Maybe I'll just start with organizing the rest of my shelves.


Ms.Daisy said...

What a great idea...closed doors keep out curious little fingers!
The boxes and ribbons out in your open shelf looks pretty too!
I'll be back to check out your other good ideas that I can copy! LOL!

Daisy Mau

kab said...

Love it! Want to come help me organize?? Right now I am knee deep in mess! LOL! Love the pic of Dear Bebe with her hands on her hat!!!!