Sunday, January 24, 2010

Those Were The Days!

Recently I came across a few photos on the internet while Facebooking (is this a term?) The photos stopped me in my tracks and my eyes opened wide:

I've always been drawn to the spotlight and back in high school I auditioned for our high school musical. That year (1984) we did SOUTH PACIFIC. This play was so much fun to be in.

That's me, the red head third or fourth on the left and whaddya know, I'm not facing forward like I should be and my arm isn't with all the other dancers. And look at that funky 80s hair!

But it was great seeing these old photos... I don't think I had ever seen these before. Someone loaded them onto a reunion page on Facebook and I'm so glad he did.

This was a photo taken during the song "Nothin Like a Dame." Looks pretty good, eh? I haven't gotten the song out of my head since I saw it this afternoon.

And WOW! The entire cast photo. I'm the first girl on the left. Boy do I look like a skinny minny there.

Those were the days!


Ms.Daisy said...

Great photos of South Pacific! Great show and one of my friends said at the time, how she "couldn't take her eyes off you whenever you were onstage!"
Thanks for stopping by and leaving your nice comments!

Love ya,

Lisa said...

How cool! I too have a High School friend who has loaded tons of photos of me I also don't remember! My class was in the middle of 3 years and we were all very tight. It has been so cool to reconnect on Facebook and see them all and hear about what is going on. Just like when we met before school every morning. Love your SP pics.What fun for you!
Hugs, Lisa

The Rose Room said...

looks fun,that was big red hair you had then! Rachaelxo

Michelle said...

How fun to find those photos and remember days gone by.. thanks for sharing! I bet you were great!