Friday, September 21, 2007

Miss Minnie - Injured But Still Spunky

When I first saw Minnie at the humane league in Missouri, I knew she was the one I just HAD to take home. Out of a litter of all black kittens, she was the dark striped tabby. And she was energetic, fiesty, and adorable! Here is her picture from kittenhood:

Well, it has been 11 years now and she is still here with me. Through all of the moving, etc, she is happy as a lark where we live now. Unfortunately I let her outside for too long one day and she must have come across another cat because she came back with two horrible cat bites in the leg and back.

At first all seemed to be going well after a trip to the vet. Then, an infection set in on the leg. After another trip to the vet (who suggested she needed surgery), she seems to be doing better but I have to pray her new, open wound, will heal well.

At least Sissy and Love have seemed concerned. Well, a little.


Love, my step-cat:

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