Friday, September 14, 2007

Summer is Leaving Me! Don't Go...

Ok, so our deck is filling up with these little things that are falling...and it is making me very upset! Each year this happens and I do the same thing. I start to realize summer is coming to an end and winter is LOOMING ahead of me. Maybe I should live in a much warmer climate. You think??? Now, I don't see too many of the leaves actually turning on the trees...things are still pretty green here. But, it is happening, just the same. I have even written a poem about this topic. Not recently, I think I wrote it in 2000. The year 2000 was an interesting year. I really haven't written much poetry since.

Summer Flight

It's flying flying flying faster than I can grab onto it.
Every moment, every hour, everyday.
Summer is leaving.
Leaving me behind.
And I can't stop it.
Stay, stay, please stay!
The warm cricket evenings.
Leaves touching the breeze.
Absorbing summer sounds.

Hot days, cool nights.
How I love the summertime.
Now it's reign has come and gone.
Soon the cold will be the only one.
And my days will be shorter.
Less free.
Tied up in bundles of clothes.
How I long for the summer.
When winter wind blows.

Now the brighter days seem old.
Why can't I remember them?
Each day that passed didn't leave a memory.
Where has my summer gone?
Don't leave!
There's still lots to be done!
(I'm ready now!)
Lemonade to be made.
Water to splash in.
An ocean to see.
The sand between my toes.
What happened to summer?
I can't let it go.

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