Monday, April 7, 2008

An Award for Miss Jillian

It has been longer than usual for me to post on my blog. Not feeling very inspired lately I guess. Then it hit me I did have something to blog about! My new award from Erin at the Classy Rabbit. How cool is that? Thank you, Erin for including me in the "E" is for Excellent award!
Although I feel my lack of inspiration is not making this blog very excellent today. I have been busy working on the DVD project, which is completed, and was shown yesterday at church. I received many compliments on it which was nice...but as always, the big pay off is to see it play and to watch the reaction of people as they see it. My favorite part!
My next project is to get my "Bella Rosa Antiques" website ready. I have started loading information onto it as well as some inventory. Lots more work to be done and I'm learning lots in the process. There are some graphic issues we are trying to work out but I'm sure that will be cleared up soon. Wish me luck!


Oliver Rain said...

Glad the DVD project went well. Good luck with the website. I'm sure it will be fabulous.

Liz said...

Good luck with the website, we look forward to seeing it.

Natasha Burns said...

Good luck Jillian! looking forward to seeing the new website!

Linda said...

Hi Jillian, congrats on the award and wishing you luck and looking forward to the new website. Linda

Sassafras & LuLu said...

Hi Jillian,
sometimes it is hard to be inspired then all of a sudden...we get into it again. Also, we get busy w/real life and bloggee land can be hard as much as we love it. I try so hard to keep posting weekly. Sometimes you just need a break. Hope all goes well for your quest for Bella Rosa, I know you are workin hard at that!! And finishing that DVD was quite an accomplishment I am sure..yay for you! That must be fun.