Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Deck is Now Open! ~ Giveaway Still Going ON

Our deck is now open for business. And when I say business, I mean, seriously enjoying the outdoors by eating every meal I can out there. As long as it is warm and not raining, this is what I love to do. We did eat outside this past weekend, but the umbrella wasn't up yet, the deck hadn't been swept and planters hadn't been brought up out of the it wasn't quite the right feel. But now, now we're in business.

Even though it is not summer yet, which is my favorite time of year, this is pretty nice too...I have to admit. The temperature is getting warmer, (almost perfect) things are starting to look green, and the leaves are about to grow on the trees. And as you can see, we have a lot of trees around us. It is very scenic here.

My two little sweeties were out enjoying the sunshine with me today. Miss Minnie and little Sissy. We have a third cat, Love, who waits to go outside and pounce on the first thing that moves... either a field mouse, a mole, or a chipmunk. I enjoy watching the chipmunks but they are slowly I am not letting her out as much! I know, this is terrible of me. I picture them talking to each other in their squeaky little Alvin voices "LOOKOUT! comes that big ol cat again! RUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" And run they need to because she can do this in about the first five minutes she is let outside. They don't stand a chance. So much for her adorable namesake! But hey, she's a cat. That's what they do. Except for Minnie and Sissy. I must have pampered them too much. They just sit and watch.

So when I'm not runing around after the cats, I enjoy reading or writing in my journal...and listening to the birds chirp. And of course a tall, cool beverage. The only thing that would make it better would be the leaves blowing in a cool breeze.

And thoughts of great summer barbecues and picnics we have yet to have! Can't wait.

The Bella Rosa Antiques Giveaway is on... please feel free to stop by and sign our GUESTBOOK. We're giving away a 15.00 merchandise voucher to celebrate the GRAND OPENING at the beginning of May! Click HERE for more details. Buona Fortuna! (Good luck!)


Sassafras & Lulu said...

Hi Miss Jillian,
your deck looks very inviting, by dh built us one last year (i helped some too!) I love being there too!! your glass of coke looks refreshing.
Your store is on its way now, good for you. It takes a lot I bet and a lot of learning. I checked it out last night. Best of Luck to you.

Oliver Rain said...

I'd love to be eating out on the deck all the time. It's been beautiful here, but not quite deck weather yet. I imagine that you'll be leaving about an inch at the bottom of that coke, you quirky girl.

Have fun chasing the kitties.

Back Through Time said...

You sound like me with my courtyard!! I put out my umbrella yesterday. I can't wait to start eating outdoors again!
You asked on my blog about the Beatrix Potter picture it measures slightly under 3 1/2 x 4 1/2
Thanks for stopping by!!

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Jillian, your deck looks wonderful, wish we had them over here, but then I wish we had the weather for them too! A quayside is just the area around the quay, i.e. next to the river where boats can moor.
Have a lovely week,
Lucy x

MJ said...

Ah, your spring weather sounds wonderful! It is cooler here and the warm weather of last week seems so long ago. I'm not sure whether it will snow tonight but brrrr!!

Thanks for the tip re: Dan in Real Life! I'll look for it on our tv movie channel!

Michelle said...

This time of year is the very best! Your deck looks very inviting.. We would be outside but those darn allergies are getting the best of us!

Have a great week.