Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dear Hubby and the LuRay

Sometimes when you least expect it, men come through for us. So forget all of the remote control tiffs, the jeans and towels on the floor, and his frustrating way of never being on time. Recently Dear Hubs found some LuRay he thought I might like. He's so sweet!

Unfortunately I already have all of these pieces.

(Sharon Pink Gravy Underplate or Pickle Dish)

It is tough to find something I don't have because I've been collecting for 16 years. I thanked him profusely and then we both decided since I already had these we might as well offer them to some other LuRay collectors.

(2 Persian Cream Tab Soups)

They are now available on the Bella Rosa Antiques website if you are a collector and need one of these pieces...or maybe you'd like to start a collection . . . these would be a great beginning!


M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Sometimes hubbies come through like that. Sweet story.
Thanks for stopping by to see my pumpkins!

Mary said...

Hello Jillian, I received my goodies today. MY Daughter tried to swipe my JOY letters:) I will keep an eye on them!
I have some LuRay packed away for now, until I get my floor fixed. But I do have several (pink & blue)
sugar and cream and blue salt & pepper out. I can not remember what I have. Not sure what I need. So let your Hubby bring them home so you can share:)Hope you are having a nice weekend. Hugs Mary:)

Michelle said...

What a sweet hubby!! That's so sweet that he thinks of you when he spies the goodies.


Bia said...

Even though you already had these particular pieces, it's nice envisioning your husband looking, thinking, and then deciding to purchase them for you. It really is the thought that counts!