Monday, September 15, 2008

Goin' to the Chapel...

This weekend our neice (on my Dear Hubby's side) took the plunge, and got married! Congrats to the happy couple! The above picture is the pretty church where the wedding took place.

There is something about the inside of these beautiful and very ornate churches that inspire me. Reminds me of my trip to Italy (on a much smaller scale of course!) with it's beautiful cathedrals, art work and architecture. What a grand setting for a wedding!

Unfortunately we did not get any photos of the couple as they left the church, it was threatening to rain so they were whisked off to their photo destination and finished up just as it started to mist. I did get a picture of them here, dancing at the reception.

The bridesmaids wore elegant and classic black cocktail dresses with beaded trim....and they carried bouquets of roses in this fuschia pink. It was a nice stunning contrast. Each table had it's own set of roses to match. The food was yummy and the reception was a lot of fun.

The father of the bride gave a nice speech and at the end he had words of advice for the groom. Or should I say "words to memorize" ....LOL. They were:

1) "Yes, dear."

2) "You were right."

3) "I was wrong."

And he said occasionally he is told

4) "I'm sorry"

Goes a long way.

I do agree with some of these words...but since I've only been married 4 1/2 years I'm not going to give any expert advice. I just want to wish them much happiness and long marriage. They probably won't be spared any heartache or pain, I think those things come along with life....but it is how you get through the rough times that makes all the difference. Wait a minute....I think I just gave some words of wisdom there! Maybe I have learned something in my first few years of wedded bliss!

I'd love to hear from my fellow bloggers their own words of advice for the happy couple. Anyone have the secret to a good marriage? I think that is the best gift they could receive as they head off today for their two week honeymoon to beautiful HAWAII!


MJ said...

My father-in-law's advice to the attendees at his 50th wedding anniversary party was that his most important job in life was to "take out the garbage". Considering he was an engineer as his occupation, these are very telling words.

Kat said...

Oh that is nice that you blog about the wedding here :-) you took nice pictures.
Well I cannot give good advices for a marrige 'cause I am not married.
But I wish them all the best and may they be happy.

My great cousin Christina and her husband Christian went on their honeymoon to the Netherlands^^ it is by far not so exciting than Hawaii, but I guess it was fun and nice for them :)
love kat

svelteSTUFF said...

'Keep Laughing and have FUN!'