Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Everyone Knows Best

The other day I decided to take Dear Bebe out for a stroll. I needed to get out of the house....I'd had some sort of flu bug, it's been cold, and the house was getting to me. So, on a fairly warm day, I decided to go to the mall. Yes, I know, I recently wrote about why I don't like shopping for new things...but I had received a gift card for Christmas and I decided I'd better use it before the store goes out of business. (You never know these days.)

And I was going prepared. I wasn't going to be one of THOSE mom's. I had the diaper bag out. I look inside:

Diapers. Check.
Wipes. Check.
Changing Mat. Check.
Bottle with milk. Check.
Pacifier with neat attachment thingy so it is easy to find. Check.
Rash Ointment. Check.
Burp cloth. Check.
Extra outfit. Check.

Then I bring:

Blankie for car seat to keep her from getting too cold. Check.
Cute dangly toys for car seat/stroller to keep her happy. Check.

It's all there. I'm super confident, so, out we went. Oh I was feeling great about getting out. But, uneasy because I hadn't taken Dear Bebe out to the mall yet. I'd waited for several reasons.

1) The doctor said to wait at least two months before going to the mall. He must REALLY think this place is a germ pit.

2) By the time she was old enough it was Christmas shopping season and even I don't go to the mall then.

3)By the time Christmas was over, I was sick.

We were doing so well for awhile. I'm looking at clearance racks for clothes to fit a 6-9 month old and Dear Bebe falls asleep. Wonderful! Then a 2 year old in a stroller gets closer and closer to our location and I can hear her because she is shouting every word she speaks. SHOUTING! Finally I had to move away from the rack just as I was hitting the mother lode because she woke up Dear Bebe. Ut oh. First comes the pout...then she starts crying. Sigh. Pacifier to the rescue. We're okay again!

We make it to another store, when my biggest mistake of the day is about to happen. The pacifier falls, face down, onto the dirty department store floor. We just make it to the check out and Dear Bebe starts screaming. Of course! Now the clerk behind the counter starts fidgeting. I'm bailing on cute clothes I've picked out for Dear Bebe right and left because I can't think straight. The woman behind me in designer high heeled boots with designer jeans stuffed into them (who wears high heel boots to the mall?) takes off in a huff, clutching her designer duvet cover to her hip. Obviously she hasn't done this before. Or maybe she has!

I look around. I feel like everyone is staring and thinking: "...they should call child protective services on that woman."

I look back to the clerk and stutter "the pacifier fell on the floor! I....I .... didn't want to put THAT in her mouth!" I get a blank stare in return. Clearly a baby crying is a no no in the peace and quiet of her retail work day.

Another woman comes up with a concerned look on her face, looks down and says "She's probably too hot with all of that stuff in there." I look down at the stroller and start pulling away at the blanket covering Dear Bebe's legs. Well, it was warm in there. Another says "She's probably hungy." I pull out the bottle I had already tried feeding her with a half hour earlier to no avail. Dear Bebe is way too upset to eat.

Again, I open my mouth and try to appease them with "this is my first mall attempt." Like this is going to change the situation.

Meanwhile the clerk is patiently waiting for me to swipe my credit card so she can be rid of me and my screaming baby.

Another woman tries to offer me advice: "It does get better!"

I look back to the clerk and she is handing me my package and says in her most sheepish, sympathetic,sing songy have a good day kind of voice: "You did save 97.00!" Like looking like a psycho mom was worth it.

As I walk away I'm wondering how the heck I saved 97.00 when I only bought a handful of baby clothing from the clearance rack. The markup on these little outfits is incredible.

I turn the stroller around looking for the nearest exit while wondering why I ever thought this was a good idea when I realize only 4 people think I am a pathetic mom. Oh, and the duvet cover woman. That's not too bad.

Could have been worse.

Note to self.... always bring a back up binky.


Connie said...

As I was reading I was thinking of the "back up" binky, honey. Always a good idea. But I'm sure most people are tolerant of a tiny bebe crying when she's been awakened by a screaming toddler! Don't let that get to ya, chick, it won't last forever, trust me.........LOL

My Pink Boutique said...

Jillian, we have all been there, too. Don't be hard on yourself. Moms who have lived it understand and sympathize w/ your predicament in the store. And we all felt the same way you did. It'll get easier and better.

You might try getting one of those clips (clips to their shirt) with a short piece of ribbon (about 4-5")and a snap on it where you can snap the ribbon through the binkie's "handle" and if Dear Bebe drops the binkie it won't hit the floor. It'll just dangle from her shirt. This was a lifesaver for me. I made mine with a baby safety pin, a short piece of elastic and a snap. I safety pinned it to their shirt and was ready for the binkie drop and never had to worry about it hitting a dirty floor again. :)

You know, too, other moms could recognize from the cry that Dear Bebe was just tired and wanted to sleep. After a little while, we moms can tell the difference between the "I'm tired, I need a diaper change, I'm bored, I'm hungry, I want attention" cries. The ones who offered encouragement most likely have been there too. So be gets better and you did a great job packing the diaper bag. Enjoy this stage because it is so short. Wait until she's walking! ;)


Jillian said...

Thanks, Kimberly! I actually have one of those pacifier clips! But maybe I should have put it on her shirt! LOL. That would have helped.

Thanks so much for the advice and encouragement...much appreciated.

Jillian, Inc said...

Oh, I feel for you. I was on a go-er and a do-er and no matter how much I "prepared", something would usually happen that I wasn't prepared for. Or at the most inopportune time. I also found some people (usually men) very intolerant of mamas pushing strollers. Almost like the assumed I thought I was something special, for no reason at all. I distinctly remember pushing my stroller down a hallway in a dept. store because I had to take the elevator and there were the sensor scan thingys and it went off and the clerk was checking my bag and APPARENTLY I was in some guy's way and he made a very rude comment about how I thought I owned the hall. And I made some comment back to him and I'll spare you the details. ha!

mrs. t said...

Yay, Sista for getting out! And pooh on the people who didn't understand!!! You did it! And only dropped a binky! I'm proud of you...and I think I learned the hard way to bring a back-up binky the way...soon you will just keep shopping anyway! LOL!
Love ya, Karen
P.S. put in your to know book: the 2nd snow day is a killer! I haven't called because I have to keep a close eye on my two!

Lucy Bloom said...

Well done to you, I think that was very brave of you, it'll be plain sailing from now on I'll bet! By the way, over here we call a pacifier a 'dummy' - don't know if you knew that!
Lucy x

MJ said...

You did fine. Don't worry about what others think. It was good to take Bebe out and to expose her to different sights/sounds/experiences. She needs this too.

I'll post about my first major outing with K sometime, just to make you feel much better.