Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pink Saturday ~ Bebe's Room Makeover

Welcome to my Pink Saturday post. If you love pink... I hope you enjoy Bebe's room makeover. This was our guest room. It was stark white. We hadn't really decided what color to paint it and I had done a shabby roses theme... you know, the typical pinks n greens. I guess I didn't think much of it because there aren't any pictures available to show you. So here is what we started with... stay with me through this because I have a little something special I promised I'd mention at the end!

The room had plain old white walls from the previous owners paint job. The ceiling was treated first with our aqua choice from Lowes.

The prep work is what takes so much time. The design was starting to come alive.

The pink stripes were tough. All that taping.

It really was starting to look like a Victoria's Secret shopping bag.

It was my idea to paint the aqua polka dot border ALL THE WAY around the room... but Dear Hubby did all of the work. I think I oughtta keep him!

And some are probably really tired of seeing this chandelier on the blog...but I love it and wanted to show what I ended up with... I am thrilled since we had it sitting in the basement collecting dust (I know, can you believe it?) when Dear Hubby brought it home from a clearance sale at Lowes. The original bulb coverings were gray/silver beaded shades. Then I went from the pink beaded bulb covers to the handmade (pink gingham!) covers on the shades instead. I also made the pink chain cover. Sew easy! It took two 60 inch covers to make it all the way up the dangling chain.

Dear Hubby also took on the task of painting clouds on the ceiling ("Just like Michelangelo, honey!" I requested.... not too challenging, eh?) By the way, I'm only allowed to show him on the blog, a little bit. He thinks it's funny, kind of like Wilson from the TV show, Home Improvement. Sigh.

And here is my Stepdaughter helping to paint them on the ceiling. She is so talented and really really did a great job. How sweet was that?

I had bought these shadow box frames at Target when I was a single gal living on my own in my newly owned house. I had never used them but found them in a box, still in their original navy blue color. Painted them the aqua color and they turned out great for a baby's room!

I had found some vintage pottery pieces in a box of dingy and dirty planters at a yard sale a few years back. They had cleaned up nicely for re-sale in our booth. We were at my in-laws huge garage sale this past summer. . . I'm standing there, emptying a box of items that hadn't sold when I pulled these out! (We go every summer and I just bring the boxes back, all ready to go from the previous year!) There I was, knowing I was having a girl with a pink and aqua room exclaiming "THESE ARE PERFECT!" I had completely forgotten about them. So, home they went.

This Mon Bebe Doux sign and her name spelled out in letters, which I didn't take a photo of, are about the only things I painted.

And remember my Pink Saturday post about my LuRay dishes? I found these similar cuties in porcelain to "go with" Mommy's set! I can't wait til she is old enough to play with them.

And here she was, just a wee little newborn, four months ago. She was worth all the extra "pink" effort!

Well, have a Happy Pink Saturday! I'd also like to mention here a neat giveaway going on over at The Pink Potpourri .... check it out if you need a blog makeover! I'm hoping I win. Dear Bebe's room isn't the only thing that needs a makeover, my blog does, too!
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Mimi said...

Your little Bebe is, so sweet. You've done a lovely job on her room...just gotta love all that pink!

Jen r. said...

That room is so cute! But not cuter than dear Bebe!

Mimi said...

Forgot to mention in my last post...I have 7 grandchildren and I baby-sit if you're ever in my area of Michigan!

kymber said...

Hi Jillian,
I LOVE your beautiful bedroom - what a lucky little girl who gets to enjoy it. I can tell alot of love went into creating it.
Thanks for sharing it. What a sweet picture of your precious little one!
Blessings to you,

White Iris Designs said...

What a sweet room for a darling bundle of pinkness!!

Susan said...

What a beautiful job you have done on Bebe's room! Lucky girl!

Happy Pink Saturday.

dana said...

What a wonderful room for such a wonderful little Bebe!!
I gasped when I saw your vintage planters, as I'm pretty sure we had one like the first one you shared! I have a box of "old nursery" items in the basement--I need to see if I kept that planter!
What fun you and the little one will have sipping tea from the little LuRayish dishes you found for her!!!
What a perfect Pink Sat. post!! Dana

claudie said...

Hi Jillian so nice to meet you. I must say your little bebe doux is adorable!! The room is just what a beautiful little one would want.
As for the truffles, I got them at Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic Store in SOHO N.Y. I wish I would have gotten more but I never knew the girls would LOVE them so much. They really are to die for.
WOW so many ladies to visit today I must be on my way & thanks so much for the good wishes. I'm feeling pretty good today.
Hugs from Canada
P.S. I'll be back to watch bebe take her first steps.

erin said...

Let me first say, what a beautiful pink baby. She is just the cutest! And you've created a dream room for her. It is just so lovely!
Happy Pink Saturday!
Erin :)

g said...

Such a beautiful room, decorated with love.

Hae a great pink Saturday.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

This is just as cute as can be, and that baby is the ADORABLE. What a blessed little one to have not only a princess bedroom, but loving people who adore her!

Happy Pink Saturday!


Sheila :-)

The Muse said...

Adopt Me !!!!

A super fab job...a labor of love, no doubt...for a cutie of monumental proportions!

Angie said...

An adorable room for an adorable little angel! I love aqua and pink perfect for a nursery! Happy Pink Saturday!

Virginia said...

Your little Baby is adorable...and the room turned out so pretty.
Happy Pink Saturday!
Many Blessings,
Virginia :)

JanaBanana said...

Its gorgeous! It turned out so nice :)
I did baby's (Autumn Faith) but we call her baby.. her room is pink and brown..

As for my post. I dont care if I offend anyone. It's a blog they dont have to read :)
Glad you stopped by! Write what you feel.. too many PRO-ABAMA supporters are allowed to write what they feel, and we arent? I dont think so :)Who will stand up for the innocent babies? :(

Joy said...

What an angelic face. You all put a lot of work into that room and it turned out fabulous!

Riet said...

What a beautiful baby and the room is so lovely. She will be real happy in it

Connie said...

Ohmygosh, how cute that turned out for bebe, honey!! I did a photoshoot yesterday of a friend's month old baby. It was soooooo fun. I'll do a post about it in a week or two. Aren't they precious!?!?!
Smooches for le bebe,

Kathleen said...

Oh Jillian, the baby's room couldn't have come out any more perfect. I just love your design. It should be in a magazine. How lucky your baby girl is to have such a beautiful room. Happy Pink Saturday.

CC said...

Your sweet bebe is just so lovely. Her room is wonderful.'
Happy belated Pink Saturday and have a lovely week.

Neabear said...

The room turned out great. So pretty! Worth all the effort too. I had to laugh about your hubby only wanting a little bit of him showing in your blog. Too funny!

Back Through Time said...

Your new room is adorable!!! You did a wonderful job and yes she was well worth the extra effort.
I enjoyed reading your post on not drinking Pepsi, etc. I am glad I am not alone in my feelings towards it all. I look forward to reading more that you have to "say".

MJ said...

Bebe's room is great! I love all the work you went through to create it for her!

I found your latest post quite interesting. From reading many American blogs and listening to American media, it always seems that Americans pull behind and support their President. It is interesting to read a dissenting voice. Just think how lucky you are to be able to express that dissent, the freedoms we enjoy.

jennifer said...

Her room is beautiful!! Love the stripes and polka dots.

I have those shadow box shelves that I bought at a yard sale. This past weekend I slapped some red paint on them! They look fairly cute but I like your blue better.

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Jillian.

Wow, what a gorgeous room - and for a true beauty. You all did a fantastic job.