Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hey, That's My Turf

One of our cats, Love, likes to sleep in things. Like my tote bag, for instance.

We've found her snoozing in baskets, on top of cardboard boxes, and once in a vintage doll bed that was just barely holding her up.

We still can't figure out how she got under this blanket ... I guess she burrowed in there! With as cold as it's looks like a good idea.

And this one is the best! A small cardboard tray.

From the looks of this, the tighter she fits into the container, the better. She's not exactly a skinny minny either.

But what's this? Our other cat, Sissy, decided this looked like a great spot, too. I think this is breaking a kitty turf code. These two cats still don't get along after almost five years of living together. (Love was Dear Hubby's kitty before we were married.)
By the way, this was Sissy when she was a kitten in 2002. She gets away with a lot because she is cute!

I'm sure Love doesn't agree.


Kat said...

Hey thx for your comment, a new little post is also on my homepage ;)

and I love the pics! they are so cute :)

Jillian said...

Thanks, Kat! I'll go check out your post today...

Kat said...

hiya, I just received your comment, and OMG...there was a spelling doesn't mean Guten Moren, it means GUTEN MORGEN...well it was too early in the morning^^

Paul said...


Looks like "Love" rules the house! She is a beautiful cat.

Ms.Daisy said...

Er, excuse me Love, but that's MY turf - you're sleeping on my borrowed bed!


Liz said...

Sweet Kitties! I love 'um! They have so much personality!