Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Projects Projects Projects

Ever have a project you started and never finished? More than one? Two? Too many to count?

I think I have too many to count. And since I can't count them all, I'm just going to show you the two I have pictures of in my computer. Last summer I started working on this little doll dresser. It has since been painted white. At least I accomplished something! All that is left is the oval mirror that goes with it and maybe a knob makeover.

Maybe this spring I can get it out of storage (the garage!) and help it find a new home. When I am finished with it I may try selling it in our antique booth or maybe on the website. I tend not to sell items that are difficult to ship but we'll see.

The other project is this cool display piece. I absolutely love it. While it is not very large, I can just see it painted a shabby white and used for displaying vintage photos or silver items, small heirloom pieces I've collected from relatives over the years. The top piece of glass was actually very scratched plexiglass so I am waiting on Dear Hubs to get a replacement. When I do finally finish it, I don't know where I would put it in our house. Let's just hope I get to it. Dear Bebe keeps me pretty busy.

Then there's about a thousand others things I'd like to work on...but I'll just start with these. Hopefully I will have some great photos to show you in a few months of how they look with their new makeovers.

What projects are you working on? I'd love to hear about them.


kari and kijsa said...

You are busy!! With all sorts of fun things too!! Can't wait to see these re-dos! (you will have to give us a peek on trash to treasure Tuesday next week!!!) Thanks fo the great what you are doing!
kari & kijsa

kab said...

Hey Jillian, I admire your resolve to get projects done. You amaze me with your talent and time management. And by the way, have I told you yet how CUTE that dear BEBE is???? LOL About 20 times I think!

Ms.Daisy said...

I think I would save that little doll dresser for your "little doll" to play with when she gets older! LOL!


Liz said...

Those are great finds! And I know what you mean, I have a big list of 'to do' projects that somehow I've just been living with. You motivate me!

And thank you for your thoughtful comment yesterday, I really appreciate it.


Xazmin said...

I am the queen of unfinished projects!

It's been over a year since I got a KILLER deal on a used bedroom set that I want to refinish for my daughter's room.

I am starting that as soon as my brother's wedding is over next week!

I'm excited to see how yours turn out!


MJ said...

Doh, Blogger! I can't see all the photos you posted! I'll look for them later when Blogger may be more cooperative! That little doll's dresser is sweet! Bebe would love it!!