Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Memory

My most impressionable memory which carries lots of nostalgia for me is putting up the tree with my Sister every year. We had a small artificial tree we hauled out of the basement. The same Christmas album would be played which began with the song "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year."
To this day the song brings me right back to that moment when the needle hit the vinyl and the ornaments came out of the box. I always had to dance around for a few verses too, of course!

What's your favorite Christmas memory?


Ms.Daisy said...

One of my Christmas memories is of you and your sister opening presents Christmas morning! I have loving memories (and pictures) of you girls down through the years! Nothing can replace those wonderful memories. I am thrilled to see you two creating them with your own children. I am Blessed!

Rue said...

Hi Jillian :)

What a sweet memory! I think my favorite memory is when I woke up and Santa had left a Barbie closet filled with clothes next to my bed. I was so excited that he had left something in my room :)

Sweet Bebe is such a beautiful girl and so big now!

I'm glad your boy was able to come home for Thanksgiving and that you all had a wonderful time :)