Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Santa Was a Jolly Ol' Soul

A jolly old soul was he!

Hello, Mr. Claus!

Meet Dear Bebe...

 Dear Bebe = not jolly.

 At all.

 Well, at least we tried... she did enjoy the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer display.

Remember Rudolph's little girlfriend? Clarice was more Dear Bebe's style.

Dear Bebe's little friend had similar issues...

Would. Not. Let. Go.

Poor Santa... better luck next year!


Connie said...

You got me laughing out loud, sugar. That is the typical reaction of a one year old visiting Santa for the first time! LOL LOL LOL

oliver rain said...

Hilarious. I don't think ANY baby likes Santa. Huge jolly stranger + lap = howling child.

Cottage Rose said...

AWWWW those are so cute, poor little Bebe,, she was not happy,, now those are photos to treasure,,, Poor Santa,, lol;