Monday, November 12, 2007

City 'Scapes

What a great time we had in Pittsburgh this weekend! I had been there before, but only a little while so this was a great chance to see the city. DH and I went out to see my stepdaughter and she showed us some great highlights.

This was our view from the Georgetown Inn, where we chose to have dinner that night. Great food and the view was SPECTACULAR!

To get up there we took the Monongahela Incline, but of course, not until after we got off we realized we should have taken the Duquesne Incline. Oh well! Now we know. But then we wouldn't have found this great vantage point for the photo without it.

We had checked out Pittsburgh University earlier that day. Very old campus. The cathedral was amazing. Loved the arches and all the antiques inside. Can't believe they have classes in there! Talk about inspiration!

A great photo opp on the steps of the cathedral!
And then of course we HAD to check out the stores.

I found a shop selling Mackenzie Childs items! I selected one of the latest Christmas ornaments. . . in "Ribbon Candy." We also went into a Swedish store.

DH and my stepdaughter had fun trying out different things in the PITT store. Fun!

DH put this hat on me. What is he trying to tell me?

One of our favorite moments was finding this musical fountain. We walked up and realized the water was coordinated with the music....and ABBA was playing! (My stepdaughter is thinking "What is ABBA??????")
The colors were so pretty, especially at night.

We had a great time and we look forward to our next adventure...

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Saucy said...

That looks like an awesome trip. I'd go to Pittsburgh in baseball season I suppose, to see the Pirates. Then I could cross another ballpark off my list.

Of course, I'd check out the Christmas shop too!