Wednesday, November 14, 2007

WOW! Really Impressed!

Still busy! We've already gone on ANOTHER outing. My DH wanted to go see a concert. And I am not a big concert fan...but we all sometimes have to do things we are not fans of. But last night's concert by Steven Curtis Chapman was excellent. Really impressive! The man is extremely talented. My favorite song was the one that made me cry...Cinderella. The photo below shows how they play a video of two silhouettes dancing together as he sings about how quickly his daughter grew up.
Another favorite of mine is I Will Be Here. I was reminded of this as he started playing the song and I realized it was the song my big Sista sung at our wedding. (Another talented singer.) His new album also contains some great is called This Moment. Check him out... you won't be sorry you did.


Bobby's Mommy said...

I don't think I have the energy anymore to keep up with your social life!!! xoxo, christine

MJ said...

Hi Jillian! Thanks for popping by my blog!

We have 2 deep freezers where I store all my baking, meat, frozen goods (berries & beans), etc. There is a difference between deep freezers and freezers found on top of fridges ~ freezers on top of the fridge are prone to drying out baked goods. I don't leave baking in the fridge freezer until we are in the process of eating it. Baking in the deep freeze lasts for a couple months provided that it is properly packaged.

Sorry to hear about the broken vintage glasses! I hope you find some replacements soon!

Bobby's Mommy said...

Yes, I should be home this week-end! Keep in touch - I would love to see you, even for a bit!!!!

"Jillian" said...

Hi Bobby's Mommy! I'm not sure I have the energy anymore, either! We'll see how I am holding up in a few days... still lots to do with the holidays coming up.

"Jillian" said...

Hello, MJ! It was great hearing back from you. I never realized there was a difference in the freezers. Good news though, we have a big ol deep freezer that I hardly ever use. I'm trying to make an effort to become more domestic. It is tough but with a little help from my blog friends, it shouldn't be too difficult. Thanks!