Thursday, February 14, 2008

Come On a My House!

The Ballard Designs catalog arrived today!

I absolutely love the things in there but usually only order once in a blue moon, just to make sure I still get the catalog. They pile up in my living room, then I transfer them up to my bedroom and then a few years later I finally decide I can throw some away. And most of the stuff in there is similar to what I saw in the catalog LAST TIME. Yet, I can't throw them away for fear I might not be inspired by the next one. Or worse yet, they might catch on that I am not their best customer ....and stop sending it to me! So it was today when I thought how much I wanted to order something when it dawned on me I've been picking up things here and there that remind of Ballard Designs all along.

These are items you can find in their catalog and online:

So, I decided to show you how this company has influenced my decorating... except on a beer budget! Many of the things I bought were found on clearance, at local auctions and even yard sales!

For example:

I was bound and determined to get one of these clocks...and finally found one at a Kirklands, on clearance, for 8.00. (Why I need such a big clock is a great story for another post.) The black one pictured earlier from Ballard is priced at $89.95 and I think mine is an even larger size.

My 1.00 shelf full of fun finds...the car photo is an actual photo of my Father-in-Law's car....that he took back in the 50's. I scanned it into my computer and framed it. (Yes that is a price tag on there...I had it in my antique booth and I haven't removed the sticker yet!) There are two more of these shelves I found at a yard sale. I spray painted them black last summer and finally figured out where to put one, in our family room. Two more to go! Ballard prices for similar shelves: $29.95 - 49.95.

Entryway table. This vignette could be improved...but for the price is perfect. The table was purchased at a yard sale....for I think maybe 5 or 10 dollars...the mirror at a local auction and for the lamp I just bought a new shade at Lowes.

I wanted something simple to hang in my kitchen ...but something that was soft enough to not distract from my vintage LuRay dinnerware. These three vintage plates did the trick. I believe I picked these up at Goodwill.
This is definitely one of my favorite finds at a yard sale. For a price of $ was just perfect for the hallway! The black mirror shown above from Ballards was priced at 399.95!!!! This one is too similar to pass up. We are usually looking for antiques and collectibles at the wee hours on a weekend...but I can't stop myself when these gems appear! My DH usually sighs and hauls it into the van for me.

This was a very vibrant copper colored mirror we received for our wedding. I decided to change it to a platinum and really liked the softer tone . The BISTRO sign is a TJ Maxx clearance item...and reminds my DH and I of romantic dinners together.

The whole section must be in honor of my DH and I...this just occurred to me. The pedestal (not shown) for the flowers was used at our outdoor wedding reception!

This chair was another yard sale find at a whopping 7.50. I have still not decided on the material I've chosen for the seat cover. The one I have gone with so far is not even attached yet. Still not sure...

This is an end table in our formal living room. My DH came home with the end tables from a yard sale for 9.00. For BOTH! Although I forgot to show the whole table in the photo, they are in great condition and have two drawers for storage. The glass lamp is another yard sale find....two for 8.00 (2 new lamp shades for 6.00 each and this is still a great buy for these lamps!) The great photo of my Step Children was the gift they gave to my DH for Christmas.

While I love yard sale decorating...I still buy occasionally at regular furniture stores...but sometimes you just can't beat a great deal when someone is having a moving sale or a sale out of their garage!

Hope you enjoyed stopping by my house. The sun is shining, the snow is melting, and I am thrilled!

Now if we could just finish painting the rest of the house...


IsabellaCloset said...

Jill, Happy Valentine's day to you!
Have a wonderful day.......
Hugs & love ~Mary~:-}

Carol said...

Hi Jill,
Also sending Happy Valentine's day thoughts to you! Hope you had a lovely day. We are all trying to recover from illness. Be back to blogging soon. Just thought I would check in.
Enjoyed your "show and tell" and fabulous finds!


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Jillian,
What wonderful bargains you have found! And they do look alot like Ballards....good job!

p.s. yes, those were all of my own creations on my mosaic Valentine to how I make those hearts...very carefully :-)

cherished*vintage said...

Hi Jillian! You're too funny. I can totally relate. I have Ballard Design catalogs saved since 1996! My hubby doesn't get it - hey, he saves his Hot Rod magazines, so what's the difference??? Your similar finds are fantastic! Great post.

Hootin' Anni said...

This is perfect. The displays/photos, the whole tour of your home's decor....the song [not to mention I'll be singing it in my head now, all day :::giggles:::] Love being with you for your show n tell this week.

My Show N Tell is shared. Hope you can drop by for a few minutes' visit today.

genny said...

Cool stuff and its petty. Have a nice day to you. TC

Anonymous said...

I love the plates, thanks for sharing.

jennifer said...

I love that Catalogue too. Your home is decorated so well! Lovely! Jennifer

Cathy said...

Hi Jill, Hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day. Love the Show and Tell.


Cheryl said...

I do the very same thing with thost Ballard catalogs... are they not chalk full of the neatest things? Your home is LOVELY!

Penless Thoughts said...

Boy, you have found and shown some great items. Personally, I think it is far more exciting to "fine" the treasures than just order something expensive from a catalog. I do not do much garage sale looking because my husband really dislikes it!!! BUT, I have found a few treasures along.

Barbara H. said...

Looks like you've found some great deals!!

Jewelgirl said...

I like the mirrors and the plates.
You're a great bargain hunter!
Great Stuff!

Anonymous said...

Such pretty things.

Thanks for sharing.


Constance said...

You have done really well for yourself with your decorating. It's even more fun when you find stuff at a great price and make it your own! I may have to start hitting some garage sales! Oh my, did I actually say that? Don't tell my Hbby!

It's All Good! said...

It is so fun to find stuff that you didn't have to pay an arm and a leg for! I always say with patience and persistence no one should ever HAVE to pay retail...unless of course they want to! Have a great weekend.

MJ said...

What great finds! My dh wouldn't come garage/estate sale shopping with me ~ that's something I do on my own! Lucky you that your dh will find and bring treasures home for you!

Linda said...

I loved seeing all your treasures. I think it is fun to find a bargin and then find a neat way to display it. Everthing looks great..I especially like the plates and your chair. Linda said...

ISn't it more fun to find similar pieces at bargain prices?

And I sure understand the price tag thing, I tend to do that too.

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Jillian, great stuff, I do love a bargain, and if it's not mine the next best thing is seeing someone else's! Have a lovely weekend,
Lucy x

Kelli said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful things with us, I really like the plates on the wall. You got lots of great deals!

Michelle said...

Love all the bargains scattered throughout your home. If it weren't for garage sales, my home would be pretty bare! It's like treasure hunting!

Have a great weekend,

Amy Wagner said...

I think decorating from thrifty finds is much more creative and special. I love the challenge.
Anyone can walk into a store and buy stuff off the displays (if they have lots of money) but to aquire things a little at a time and make it all pull together in the end and look fabulous is a talent. You have the talent.