Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Learning from the Past ~ WWII Letters

Each week I usually post some of the neat things my Dear Hubby and I drag home from local sales and auctions. Most of the time I sell what we find although sometimes I find it difficult to part with some of them.

The photo above is of a lovely painting done by a man in his retirement back in 1966. His name was Oliver Williams of Perth Amboy, NJ. It is just absolutely sweet and darling and would looke great in someone's cottage type decor. I certainly don't mind the pink florals either! But, this one I am selling in my listings this week.

And I love the inspirational saying on this plaque...from II Corinthians. I have a few similar to this with sayings like "Love Never Faileth", etc., that I hang around the house as faith reminders. But, I am going ahead and listing it to sell this week.

Now here is where I'm having a little bit of trouble. I was GOING to sell these World War II set of letters, postcards, and photos from a man's time in Europe during the latter half of the war. So, before I did, I thought, I need to read some of these to learn more and do some research before hand.

Well, the more I read, the more I just adored the man who wrote them. There are several photos that came with this lot but I'm not sure which one is him as they are all of different guys. Anyway, these letters are to his sister back home in Pennsylvania. He signs them "Peach" and talks to his neice and nephew and refers to himself as "Uncle Peach" and tells them to make sure they get good marks in school and to be good. One letter even has me tearing up as he writes about the next phase of their encampment or duties and that they are going to be dangerous. But instead of being fearful he talks about his faith and belief in God and that he is not afraid. It touched my heart!

He writes from France, Germany, and Italy. The one from Italy absolutely cracked me up because he writes about some new words he learned. He says that a "Pizon"
is a friend and that "No Co Bish" means Don't understand. This was funny! It should be Non Capice. He was just writing what he heard, getting by, and missing his family.

So, sometimes things are easy to buy and sell, and some you get attached to. Like this. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these. I may hang onto them and figure out a way to find the relatives of this sweet, sweet man nicknamed Peach. Who knows. But I just can't let them go. Yet.


Back Through Time said...

Don't you just love the history behind old things?? I think that is what I love about the antique business, there is always a story.
Great post!

MJ said...

Isn't it a shame that Peach's family didn't somehow keep those letters! Good for you for holding on to them and maybe finding them a good home ~ perhaps national archives would help or a national war museum?

Oliver Rain said...

It's so wonderful that you know some of the stories behind the objects you find. The letters sound wonderful. I would definitely have trouble parting with them too. Good luck finding the family of Peach.

Michelle said...

Those letters are such a treasure! I don't know how you part with your stuff..I'd want to keep it all :)


Liz said...

That makes me tear up a little. What a lovely find. I have a copy of my grandfather's diary that he kept during the war, these things are such treasures. Good for you for saving them.

Betty said...


I am a sentimentalist from the word go....those letters are so sweet....

Happy weekend.....Betty

Amy Wagner said...

Oh I love this story about the letters. How special they are!!

Jewelgirl said...

As a daugter of WW II Vet,
I would donate them to the National Archives. I know
there is a project which
is going on now to document
WW II and Vets. Not every
family keeps these kinds
of things. Have a great day!

violetlady said...

I think it would be great to give them to the National Archives. I have the letters my parents wrote to each other during the war. I will never part with them.

MammyT said...

Jillian, I know if it were me I'd have to give a good shot to trying to locate some information. What makes me so curious is "How did these wind up in a sale or auction?" If you know where you got them, it'd be interesting to try to backtrack.