Saturday, February 2, 2008

Miss Jillian's Award & I've Been Tagged!

To my surprise, I logged on yesterday to discover I'd been given a "You Make My Day" award from Michelle of I'm a Little Teapot. Thank you! What an honor to have made a friend who thought to pass down an award to me. It's the neat little surprises that can make this fun. And I just thought it was fun typing in these thoughts of mine...this makes it even sweeter.

So in order to keep it going and share the joy, I'd like to pass it to: Bobby's Mommy of Bobby's Escapades. I don't think I would have started this blog if it weren't for her! Bobby's Mommy and I went to college together and share a lot of old memories. Wait. Did I type old???? What I meant to say was we share a lot of GREAT MEMORIES!

Also on my recipient list is Arlene of Retro Boutiques. She is working on my new web design and is just one of the nicest gal's to work with. If you have thought of creating your own web page...I would check out her site! The plans for my online boutique can be followed on my other new blog Bella Rosa Antiques.

In addition to finding out I was the lucky recipient of a Blogger Award...I was tagged to list different things about me using my middle name from Amy of Abundant Curiosities. To make it even more interesting, I am going to use the version of it from my early days of Italian Class (Elena.) So, here it is:

E - Stands for Exciting. While working for different television stations throughout my career, I really had some exciting and fun moments. I've met stars like Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien and his trusty sidekick Andy Richter. At the time I met Conan, he was very still very new to NBC and they had not yet picked the Ed McMahon type sidekick. I had the nerve to tell him I should be his trusty sidekick because we both had red hair. (Oh to be young and naive again!) I was a little disappointed when I found out they had selected Mr. Richter. LOL! (Sorry Andy!) I also met Kelsey Grammer, Oprah Winfrey, Joan Rivers, Merv Griffin, Vanna White, a hunky soap star, and more. I'll have to post pictures someday for my "Show and Tell Friday" edition. Good times!

L- This one is easy for me... L stands for LuRay. Like I wrote about here, I have been collecting vintage LuRay Pastels dinnerware since 1992. I'm still going!

E- Stands for everlasting. As in everlasting life. (John 3:16) I think there is more to us than just the here and now. A creator, a design. Too much going on inside me( the amazing human body) and around me (the beautiful sights and sounds of this earth) to ignore it. It just makes the most sense. It takes more faith not to believe than to believe... with all of the evidence stacked up around us. So I choose life everlasting. Why not? It is a peaceful thought and there's so much more to look forward to!

N- Stands for New books. Despite my addiction to collecting OLD books, I love to get a new book and then do something very weird after I open it up. My DH will look at me and say " Did you just smell that?????" I know, it is weird.

A - This one is even easier. It stands for antiques! I love them! Have been checking them out ever since my Mother took me on some junk finding trips every now and then when I was in college. (Or was it high school?) I'm sure she'll let me know after she reads this! Anyway, I think I get it honestly. Her parents had an antique and book store in Florida many years ago. I remember going in their store and the little bell on the door would jingle....and the first thing you heard was "Hello! Pretty boy! Pretty boy! Hello!" It was their Myna bird named "Charlie." Amazing what you remember when someone tags you to type random things about yourself!

I hope this entertained you at least for a little while. I'm exhausted! :-) And since I am sooooo tried I will omit the tagging part of this exercise and let a few gals off the hook until next time.


Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Jillian, it's always fun to read interesting snippets about other bloggers. I love your grandmom's spinner in the previous post, what a precious heirloom.
best wishes,
Lucy x

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Jillian!
Wow, you have met some famous people! I loved getting to know a little more about you....

Congrats on the award!!

Lori said...

hi Jillian!! thanks for popping over to see me:) you did a great job with the name game...i am wondering where you are in PA? i am originally from Uniontown:)

Michelle said...

It was fun getting to know more about you :)


P.S. I sometimes smell books too :)

Sassafras & LuLu said...

Hi Jill,
doesn't everyone smell new books???

thanks a bunch for the info. on how to paste in an address while posting. DH stood by me as I attempted it, and yes, it worked..will do that in the future! I am makin my way!


Heidi said...

Congratulations on your well deserved award! Your blog does make my day and I am so glad you found mine so I found yours. :)

I did the middle name tag some time ago and it is not always easy. I have a short middle name. I found it fun to get to know you a bit better through your answers.

Hugs ~

Amy Wagner said...

A great list. I enjoyed reading about you. Looking forward to more tidbits. Sometimes it's the small entries that tie us together with commonality. Fun to hear ths small details along with the big important ones.
Congratulations on your award too!

Lilybella Boutique said...

Jill, you are too sweet! Working on your site is my pleasure! Thank you for the award!