Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow, Freezing Rain, Winter Blues

With Valentine's Day tomorrow, I should post something well, I dunno, LOVELY. Instead, my first thought is....I know, I've posted this before, and after reading about all kinds of frigid temperatures in the West, and terrible tornadoes in the South, I shouldn't complain.

But, I can't help it. The dismal sky, cold temps, and icicles just really get me down! Why didn't that fat little fuzzy creature see spring just around the corner? He never does! He's lost all credibility with me...

How about some vintage ice skating???

On the brighter side of DH wants to take me out to a "shi shi foo foo" Italian restaurant here in town for Valentine's Day. Can't argue with that one. I LOVE Italian food. Since my Grandmother is Italian, I've learned some of the traditional dishes and hope to pass them on someday. But to have someone else cook it for me, that's fabulous too!

And also, I've seen the first mockup of my new website "Bella Rosa Antiques." Looking good! Can't wait until the launch. I just might have to have another giveaway. Hmmmm....the wheels are turning.

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day and wherever you are, you are safe, happy, and warm!


Genevieve Olsen said...

Hi Jillian! We are having the same horrible weather!!!! I can't wait to see your new site! Partners will be assigned next week and the deadline for mailing is March 10th!
I have to get a move on my stuff too we are going out of town on the 2nd so I need to mail before we leave! I hope that you have a lovely Valentine's dinner with your hubby!!!! Happy Valentine's day!!!

Betty said...

As I was checking out some collectible stores the other day I ran across some Lu-Ray pieces...a yellow cream pitcher, a pink sugar dish and a blue cream pitcher....a creamer and sugar were $5.00....thanks to you I immediately spied them.....

Drop in for some dessert...the calories have been removed....Betty

Michelle said...

Happy Valentine's Day.. have a wonderful dinner with your hubby! My favorite Italian dish is gnocchi - did your Grandmother ever make those? Yum!