Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Becoming Jane ~ Pretty Things from Australia

Over the weekend I finally got to see the movie, Becoming Jane. It was really good! Didn't let me down. I didn't think it would. I've become fond of these movies...they are done so tastefully, with just enough mystique surrounding the love stories that they are not predictable. Since I really didn't know a whole lot about Jane Austen, the story of her life was a surprise to me. I've only seen a few of the movies done from her books so I just assumed this would be similar.
It was, and it wasn't.

I found myself completely falling for the whole Jane/Tom love story! It was so sweet and charming. And the CHEMISTRY! They did a great job casting.

And since this was a "chick flick" and a period piece to boot, I figured I was going to be watching it by myself. Well, dear hubby was in the background, of course, not admitting he was becoming interested in the movie. I kept saying "don't you have to go somewhere?" Not that I wanted him to leave, it's just he TOLD ME specifically he couldn't watch the movie with me because he had so much other guy stuff to do. Well, he popped in and out of the room enough while I was watching the movie that he could pretty much follow the story.

And if you haven't seen the movie yet, stop reading here.

(Photo credit below: Becoming Jane Fansite)

It was when the movie was over I exclaimed "I'M SO DISAPPOINTED SHE DID NOT MARRY HIM!"

And my dear husband replies "Imagine how she felt."

This was funny and sometimes men surprise me with their practical thinking.

But overall, it was a great movie and I highly recommend it!!!

And now for some pretty things that arrived all the way from Australia! I've always wanted to go to Australia, ever since I took a tour in Europe. Half of the tourists in our group were from Australia....they were so nice and we had so much fun. I really enjoyed learning the differences in our culture and language. Not major, but there were some neat things I had never heard of before. Anyway, I digress.

This pretty blue pin is from Natasha Burns' Artistic Creations website... half a world away but so close on the internet! Amazing to me.

And she is so sweet! She included a couple of thank you's. This pretty butterfly magnet...
And a thank you card with a printed version of one of her rose paintings! Such beautiful things and such a classy presentation. You must visit her site and see for yourself! Thanks, Natasha!


Natasha Burns said...

Oh I want to see Becoming Jane! I do like Anne Hathaway!
Glad you liked your brooch, thank you for your sweet comments, so kind of you!!!

Amy Wagner said...

I also LOVED this movie. It is MY kind of movie. I took my girls to see it in the theater.
Pretty pin from Australia!!

Michelle said...

Thanks for the movie review .. I've got it on my list. Your husband sounds a lot like mine..won't admit to that sensitive side sometimes :)

That brooch is beautiful..Natasha has the best stuff, I agree! She is such a wonderful artist.

Have a great day!


MJ said...

Thanks for the tip on this movie! We just saw the Australian movie, "December Boys", which was also very good!