Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring = Fresh New Looks

Now that spring is definitely showing up in my part of the world I get this feeling of relief. A need to clean out and organize follows. And after having cabin fever all winter, this is just the right thing.

My blog header is going to get a new look...and maybe even a new background color. I've been working on making my own graphics. Lots of fun to experiment with. I may be changing them often as I get used to them. Or, knowing me, I will revert back to the original "Jillian's Pages" look!

Well I hope everyone had a lovely Easter. My dear hubby and I went to church, came home and then had our own dinner together and made a couple of family favorites to eat. It helps keep them close to my heart, even if we couldn't see each other this holiday. Another simple thing I did for sentimental reasons...I decided to add my Grandmother's (or maybe even my Great-Grandmother's) beaded necklace to my Easter outfit...after seeing several similar necklaces at the stores, I think they are back in style now!


Lapa said...



Betty said...

How sweet to wear your grandmother's necklace. I am a sentimentalist after the worse kind.....

Hope you had a blessed Easter...all of our family was together....Betty

Genevieve Olsen said...

Hi Jilllian! Happy Spring! Things have been crazy here and we have been away more than we have been here! Hopefully things will calm down soon !I like yor new banner very Springy!

MammyT said...

Hi Jillian. Happy Spring to you.

Betty said...

Just a pop visit to see what you are up to....I have a 'new spring look' over at my place....Betty

MJ said...

Happy belated Easter!

Thanks for your suggestion about using flower petals to dye eggs. I had never thought of doing this so it might be something I explore with K and N when they are older (and won't attempt to eat the petals!) Locating petals at this time of year can be a challenge, especially when my flowerbeds are full of snow!

Rue said...

Hi Jillian :)

I enjoyed your blog too. I love the story about the quiche. My ancestors on my mom's side were from Alsace, so I found it very interesting. Your camping story was hilarious! Oh and I look at pictures all the time too :)

Anyway great blog and thank you for coming to see mine. I'll be back for sure!

Take care,
Rue :)