Sunday, March 16, 2008

Snapshots, Sales, and Summer

Most of us know how much fun a yard sale can be. Some of us can sense one like one senses the weather brewing. My husband is this kind of person.

Maybe he gets it honestly. These snapshots were taken at his parents annual garage sale last year. It is your quintessential sale. The biggie. The ONE YOU CAN'T MISS. They do it every year. It takes weeks of preparation and weeks of tear down. But they love it. And the people who flock there every year love it too. You may have even stopped there yourself without realizing it.
My Father-In-Law puts out signs MILES AND MILES away. I mean this man has the marketing down to a science. I was impressed the first time I witnessed one of their sales and I still am.

You can get anything from toys to dishes, to furniture and tools to sporting equipment. And ANTIQUES. Oh the antiques! So of course, I find myself hoping to get there before anyone else does. And we are usually late....(we live quite a distance away) and I hear about what could have been. Sigh! Here my Father-In Law sets out his fun finds...notice the rural setting in the background. Can't get any more country than this!!!!

So I sit here and think about what is to come. First spring, which is always welcome. And then summer, my favorite time of year. And the fun that waits around the your local yard sale.


Sassafras & LuLu said...

Hi ya Jill,
good evening to you. I can smell it in the air...yard sales are a brewing for kids know it too! Such treasures to be found.
That photo below, in your post, is stunning...simple and stunning and I love how it is framed.
I do not love my camera and computer which is not letting me upload pics!!

Have a great night!, and I hung up the "Bella" banner just yesterday. I am slow, but put for now inside my craft cupboard (which is big) and when it is opened, there it is..all sparkly and beautiful..for now it is home to a spot where I create, until I have a better place.

MammyT said...

I can hardly wait. The season draws nigh. I made a hooked piece which will work for a chair cover and I'm ready to go looking for a funky chair to put it on. I did a bit of antique shopping this weekend and was put off by some pretty high prices. That garage sale looks like the Daddy of them all.

Betty said...

What a great looking yard sale!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you...Betty

Oliver Rain said...

sigh...I can't wait for summer and yard sales. I wish I could go to this one. It looks fabulous.

MammyT said...

I came back to tag you. Please go to my site to see what it's about.
I love this song.

Liz said...

What an exciting time of year. Fabulous photos!

Michelle said...

My sister and I search for yard sales almost every weekend in the summertime..we are itchin' to start!

Love your new Easter look!


Kat said...
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Amy Wagner said...

Oh....I want to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!