Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Has Sprung!

There's just something great about tulips. I know, a rose is special and sweet, but I just love the way tulips just keep reaching for the sky. And these pink beauties really make me appreciate spring.

And now that spring has sprung, we have begun venturing out again looking for fun vintage items. Yesterday I found a few neat things:

We went into this dust infested little shop not expecting very much, in fact, I was really thinking "we oughtta get outta here!" But once we started digging around and hadn't started sneezing yet, we figured it was safe. My eye caught these glass aqua beads inside a big 'ol pickle (clean) jar...along with many other beaded items. Most were plastic but I pulled out the two strands of aqua, one having very teeny tiny beads. I've never seen one with such cute and petite beads. They are strung together like a necklace, and not open like those you would place on a tree...but they have the same look and feel of the vintage glass beaded garland. So while I was buying those I decided to get the two pearl necklaces as well. Then I found the neat pastel wrap bracelet (also glass beads.)

I couldn't resist this sweet little set made in Italy either.

Not sure what I'm going to do with them...the new Bella Rosa Antiques website would be perfect for this set made in Italy but the site is just not ready yet. It is so close to being ready...but for some reason there is a hold up. Maybe I'll bring them to our antique booth since we're doing a bit of re-decorating there, swapping out pieces of furniture. We had a nice piece sell so this will mean the floor plan will need rearranging. This is always a good thing!

With more spring like weather sure to be on it's way...we'll have more to show you in the next coming weeks. Can't wait!


Erin~~The Classy Rabbit~~ said...

Hi Jillian!

Lovely finds and beautiful flowers!! It feels like it's been so long since I've visited - so good to stop by again!

I loved your "sisters" pictures. The crazy thing is, I have a picture of myself at about that same age and I can't get over how much that picture of you looks like the one I have of myself! Weird I know, but even the hair color is the same and the dress is similar too. Too funny!! I've got to find that picture so I can show you - LOL!!

Have a fabulous week,

Michelle said...

I love tulips! Once year I planted bulbs and had them on my front porch, when someone came along and plucked them (bulbs and all) right out of the pot! I figured they needed them more than me, but now I keep my bulbs in the backyard :)

Happy spring!


Betty said...

What beautiful necklaces and bracelet and the 'Italy' set also.....

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my 'new look'....I really like toile.......Betty

The Rose Room said...

Great finds:) Rachael

Oliver Rain said...

Tulips are my ABSOLUTE favourite. The trip to the dusty little antique shop sounds wonderful. One of my favourite ways to shop! I love the beads.

By the way, I tagged you for a meme. Have a look. Hopefully, this is okay with you?