Monday, May 5, 2008

Beautiful May Day + Busy Weekend

What a beautiful day we are having! I just love this kind of mild temperature...near 70's while the sunshine beams down on the gorgeous flowers around our house. Between the azaleas and the dogwood trees I think we live in paradise! But, I love summer, too. This is just the kind of weather I was longing for when we had such a cold winter. Glad that is OVER.

The weekend was good but very busy. My Mother was here to visit me which was nice...I picked her up at the train station as she doesn't like to make the long drive. She helped out with my antique booth (a part of it is shown in the photo below) which needed some serious TLC. I have been neglecting it somewhat due to the new website I started. So, we brought some more goodies there, did some re-arranging and hung out with the ladies. Such nice dealers I work with! We also found some cute rooster/hen decorations for her to use in her newly renovated kitchen. I of course, forgot to take a picture of them.

Then we met up with her cousins from Las Vegas. They were here in my area for a conference. They are photographers and I can't wait to see some of the photos they are taking. Very talented!

Awhile back I wrote about my Mother wanting to start her own blog. Well, she did it! You can find her on my blog list to the right under "The Daisy Chain." We sat outside on the deck yesterday and brainstormed names for her blog. The list we came up with is funny. I like her final choice. I put together this banner for her:

We also made strawberry shortcake. Mmmmmmmm. Another reason to love warmer weather. Fresh veggies, fruits, and the flowers all around.

How was your weekend?


MJ said...

I'll have to check out your mother's blog soon!

I, too, had the Sunshine Family. I thought they were quite useless, aside from the baby. At that time, I thought the Sunshine Dad was wimpy, and not at all comparable to Ken. Funny how kids get!

Michelle said...

Hi Jillian,
Your weekend sounds wonderful! I will visit your mother's new blog.. how cute!

My weekend was spent yard saling with my husband and flea marketing with friends and hubby!


Betty said...

Sounds like a wonderful visit with your Mom....your booth is very attractive...I had one for awhile....

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my granddaughter's blogs....

God bless...Betty