Tuesday, May 27, 2008

~ Great Memorial Day Weekend ~

What a great Memorial Day weekend. Most of it was spent working on the yard and getting ready for a barbecue we decided to have pretty much at the last minute.

The first day we shopped around for flowers, shrubs, and materials for planting. This is a huge task for my dear hubs because he has to get the best price on a flat of flowers. I had never really thought about this before since I had only owned my own house for three years before getting married. I would buy a small amount of flowers in small pots and think I was Ms. Greenthumb.
But not my hubby. Nooooooo. He used to landscape on the side and this is SERIOUS business to him. So, we shopped around. The first greenhouse ended up having the best price....but the worst selection of flowers. The ironic things was....the group we put together in the flat above were the nicest looking flowers we ended up with. But this didn't stop us from going to THREE more greenhouses. By the time I got home I was too tired to plant.

But the next day we were ready to go. I put together the arrangements in the urns, hanging baskets, and around the trees while DH did the shrubs (we had dilemmas over where to place everything ....even shrubs that were already in the ground.) and the front and side flower beds. Then he went on to mowing and the rest. He worked and worked for about 6 hours straight. He loves this stuff. I on the other hand petered out after the kneeling and planting. Not my idea of a good time. I've never been an avid gardener.

But I like the urns! Now the sad part is...the third day of our three day weekend was spent getting ready for the barbecue. And I was soooooo tired I didn't even take any pictures. NO PICTURES! Can you believe it?

We had a good time though...we played a name game as guests arrived. You know, the game where you pick a name out of a hat and it is placed on your back and you have to keep asking other people questions until you guess who it is. Lots of fun. And it helps get the "party started."

This years theme tied in with Memorial Day: "Famous Americans Who Have Served in the Military." When I researched different names I was surprised to learn who had served and sacrificed for our country. Names like Tony Bennett, Clint Eastwood, Alan Alda, Yogi Berra, Joe DiMaggio, Bill Cosby, and Montel Williams.

You learn something new everyday.

Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend too.


Michelle said...

Those urns are beautiful!! I love the purple too :) Great job!


Ms.Daisy said...

Nice job! I would never guess you didn't like gardening! LOL!

Glad your party turned out to be such a really good time!

Linda said...

Pretty urns..they turned out really nice. Your barbecue sounds like it was great and the name game sound perfect to get things going. Hugs, Linda

MJ said...

I'm not much for gardening either but feel compelled to put out the flowers! My dh only likes vegetable gardening and I was astonished when he admitted just yesterday that he'd really miss having flowers in our backyard! Wow, what a change!

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! The bbq sounded like lots of fun!