Friday, May 23, 2008

Someone is Trapped in the Attic!

The story I am about to tell is very reminiscent of stories told by one of my favorite writers....James Thurber. If you ever remember reading some of his tales like "The Night the Bed Fell" you will understand why the following tickled my funny bone.

The other night, my dear hubbby came home a little later than usual. I ate dinner by myself and decided it was time to settle down and watch TV. After all, it was the American Idol finale coming up, and I just HAD to see who was going to win.

During the half hour before the show started I kept hearing a muffled bang. Hmmmm....I guess they're setting off fireworks downtown for the local baseball game again. I put it out of my mind.

But I kept hearing it. And it was a weird sound...but again, I was convinced it was the fireworks display.

Now American Idol is on and you know how long they dragged that show out. And I started hearing the banging more and more. Now it started to sound like it was coming from inside the house. I would turn the volume down...and it would stop. (Always the way, isn't it?)

Then my dear hubby comes home and I tell him about it. "It sounds like someone is trapped in the house"....I say in half fear/ half exasperation. He looks at me like I'm nuts.

He opens the outside door to listen for a banging noise in the neighborhood. Maybe someone was having a party next door. Nothing.

We turn off the dishwasher and the volume on the TV. I hear it very low but he doesn't. Now I'm getting frustrated.

By now it is almost time to announce THE WINNER OF AMERICAN IDOL. I've been waiting all season for this.

The banging starts up again. "I hear it ......I hear you hear it?????" I holler. "It sounds like someone is trapped somewhere and is banging to get out!!!!!"

Then we do a cat count. Out of the three there are only two. Little Sissy is missing. Oh no...where is Sissy? Then I think to myself...that's a loud banging sound for a little cat....but.... maybe.....

My dear hubby shakes the kitty food container. She comes running out of nowhere. There she is!

The banging continues. It's not Sissy. (To her dismay she doesn't get any food either.)

I say...."it's coming from upstairs!"

My dear hubby says ....."OH THE ATTIC!"

My attention is still half glued to the TV....any.... second.... now . . .

The suspense is building.

Dear Hubby runs upstairs....opens up something ....where he is in the house I can't tell because I'm definitely going to find out who won this wonderful/annoying/dragged out contest.

I hear the banging really loud now. And then I hear him laughing. Hard.

And the next American Idol is......David.......


And my husband is still laughing....and the noise stops.

He comes downstairs and tells me amid all of his laughter....

It was a baby swing we were storing for a friend that had "broken."

Magically it had started working again....and was banging against a piece of furniture.

Sigh. It was all over.

The American Idol build up and the source of the weird/scary noise had been discovered. All at the same time.

The only one that had been "trapped" was me.

What I like about James Thurber's stories is they are based on our human nature to immediately make assumptions and let our fears or paranoia get the best of us...until things are so blown out of proportion they become ridiculous....which, for me, always makes for hysterical reading.

And that my friends is my tale of "The Night Someone Was Trapped in the Attic."


Donna Lynn said...

That is so funny and I have a similar bang bang bang story, we couldn't figure out what was banging in the middle of the night this past Nov. It was cold out and very dark, I did not want to investigate, Don would not get out of bed to do it either, he says he can sleep through it just fine! I just could not believe that, I hear everything cause I am a I put on my garden clogs go outside, (it is now snowing!) and start looking for the bang, it was our shed door, I start for it and slip and fall into the wet snow with my nightgown thrown up around my head!!!!
Not a fun night, but the banging did stop, I won't tell you what I did to my hubby when I got back inside...that my dear is another story! :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit!
Bless you,
Donna Lynn

Scrappy Jessi said...

that's funny!!
you are a true fan!
i would have thought it was a racoon, or something? scray.
glad it was just a "broken" rocker.

Ms.Daisy said...

So funny. I can just picture you listening intently and trying to watch "American Idol" at the same time. Good storytelling and good ending! :-)

Rue said...

Hi Jillian :)

That story was hysterical, only because I've been there. I hear noises all the time that Rich can't and it drives me batty! LOL

Have a beautiful day,

Cathy said...


That was the best story ever. I would have thought it was a ghost that was throwing things around in my attic, but knowing me, I would have run up there and scared it away by yelling "go away, no ghosts allowed in this house".lol

Have a wonderful weekend.


Linda said...

This is too funny. I can just see you trying to watch Idol doing a cat count and trying to figure out what the noise is. Have a great weekend, Linda

p.s. I've got to check out your sale.

It's All Good! said...

That was a good one! Talk about timing! I would've probably wet my britches from the combination of being first scared to death and then laughing my head off!
Thanks for stopping by for a visit.
Have a great weekend.
Brenda :)

Michelle said...

What a funny story! Thanks for sharing..


P.S. I'm SO happy David Cook won!

The Rose Room said...

Funny! I'm having a party, come visit! Rachael

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

LOL - Things that go bump in the night!

When my husband is out of town - the ice maker sounds just like someone opening the back door...funny how sounds change when you are alone :-)