Thursday, May 1, 2008


It's finally here! The big moment has arrived! A vision, a dream, a lot of hard work, but lots of fun, too.

The Grand Opening of my new online shop, Bella Rosa Antiques.

And to celebrate, I've been accepting entries for a giveaway. I love having giveaways. They are actually a lot of fun to execute. Again, I recruited my Dear Hubby to help pick the winners. He asked what the prize was. I told him a $15.00 voucher towards merchandise on the website. He thought about and said "Fifteen dollars for your GRAND opening?"

And I realized he was right.

All these years of thinking of having a store, all the years of learning about antiques, all the time and effort put in by the web designer at Retro Boutiques... all came down to this: it had to be bigger.

I mean, this is really a cause for celebration! But how was I going to "up the ante" at this point? I had advertised the fifteen dollar prize.

So, we decided that not just ONE person was going to win, but TWO!!!!!!

So, he picked two names out of this vintage bowl.

And the winners are......

Michelle of I'm a Little Teapot and Penny of Lavender Hill Studio!

CONGRATULATIONS, ladies! Thank you so much for entering the drawing. I'll be contacting you with information on how to get your 15.00 vouchers.

And thank you to EVERYONE who entered the giveaway, who gave lots of support and advice, and for all of the kind words. It really helps.

Feel free to stop by today and have a look around during the GRAND OPENING of Bella Rosa Antiques. There have been many new items added since two weeks ago.

Have a very BELLA day!


Michelle said...

Congratulations on the grand opening!! I can't believe I'm a winner..what a nice surprise!! Thanks to your hubby for drawing my name!

I'll email you right away!


P.S. That's so funny that you went straight to I Love Lucy with the grapes..I did too! Lucy is my favorite!

Oliver Rain said...

Congratulations Jillian.

MJ said...

Congrats on your website opening!!

I thought it was so appropriate to have a lovely vintage bowl for drawing the names!! Hope your new venture fulfills your dreams!

So Shabby Pink said...


What a gorgeous website and what beautiful thing you are offering.

Congratulations on your hard work!