Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pretty Peonies for a Porch Party

Today I decided to participate in a porch party, hosted over on Rose Colored Glasses. It is her birthday today and she has set out some lovely treats...I wish I could really be there to have a sip of her pink lemonade and lemon cupcakes. But, I'll have to do with showing you our display. (Sorry, no treats are involved.) The picture above is of our porch from our last house. I loved sitting on this porch with a cool drink, my journal or magazine, and relaxing. The pink peonies we grew in the side yard and they were also a favorite of mine. Now we live in a wooded area and sun is hard to come by. But, we've planted peonies again and hopefully someday, we will have blooms to enjoy!
The white porch swing we had my Father in Law drag out of the old barn (he has so much stuff in there) and I painted it white while my dear hubby added new chains. I made the swing pillows on my Mom's old Singer sewing machine. When we moved I left the pillows with the swing and the new owner because I felt they needed to stay with the house. We don't have a porch at our new house, so what was I going to do with them?
This was the porch heading into fall....but it was still a warm time of year and a great time to come outside to enjoy it. We often had candles burning at night with snacks and a little bit o'wine.

Hope you enjoyed our porch view as much as we did. Thanks for letting us share with you today!


Ms.Daisy said...

Porches are one of my most favorite things. I remember sitting on my M-I-L's screened-in porch on warm summer evenings with rain falling softly all around. Your white porch furniture - lovely!

Linda said...

Oh, this is just too pretty. Very inviting and it would be lovely just to sit and watch the world go by. Hugs, Linda

p.s. Love the peonies...hope your new plants do as well.

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I love living in the woods even if I miss out on the white veranda style porches.

I will have to read you back posts to catch a view of where you live now.

:-) Rosie

Beverly said...

This porch is just beautiful. I know you mush miss it, but hopefully you will have pink peonies soon.

Donna said...


I love pink and white! And to think peonies on top of that. They are my favorite!

I love your porch of the past! Thanks so much for sharing!


hautemommy said...

Oh I just love all of those gorgeous peonies!!! Thanks for sharing a beautiful porch with us! xo!

Claire said...

Just beautiful! I love the rockers!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for sharing your former porch with me!


Dana said...

What a treat it was to see your "past porch"! No wonder you loved it so much. The swing is spectacular, as are the rockers. I don't know how I missed you on the list of porches to stop by, but I am thrilled you came by and left your comment because I FOUND YOU! I will return to read more of your posts, so I can catch up. I love your love, too---vintage treasures! It's so great to meet you! Dana

Myrna said...

What a beautiful porch! You must have many fond memories of it!! Thanks for sharing it...and thanks for visiting's been fun doing this 'progressive porch party'!

Rue said...

Hi Jillian :)

Your old porch was beautiful! I love that swing too :)

Thank you for letting me know you decided to do this.


Michelle said...

What a pretty porch and peonies! My favorite flower.. I hope your plants grow for you..


Jen r. said...

that is a great porch.. I would love to have one like that! Jen R

The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

What a lovely porch! That ceiling is awesome. The peonies and vase are gorgeous. I bet you really miss it and your swing!

Kari & Kijsa said...

Oh, your porch just looks fabulous!! Your peonies are absolutely luscious!!! And...a porch swing is perfect!!

kari & kijsa

MJ said...

I would miss that porch too! I love the white furniture and the peonies!

Hope your new peonies grow well and that you can enjoy some this summer! We are waiting to see what our peonies will do this year!!

Sassafras & LuLu said...

Hi Jillian,
love the porch picture and peonies, I LOVE PEONIES!! We have a nice front porch that we have spent countless nights relaxing or me just holding a babe sitting on our swing ($5/yard sale) and cooling off on a warm night. Or sitting out on a cool night w/a cup of coffee and even in winter catching a glimpse of our Christmas lights glowing....Porches are wonderful things. Now we have a deck out back too that we are enjoying. Have to post a porch photo soon too.


Hi Jillian,
Thanks for dropping by my blog. Your front porch is lovely and peonies are my favorites. They are really special flowers. And very hard to find here in the Bay Area for some reason. Lovely.
Lisa & Alfie

Lucy Bloom said...

What a gorgeous porch, I could do with one just like that!
Lucy x

Priscilla said...

Your porch looks so beautiful, I really wish uk houses had them, I too would place pumpkins in autumn, such a 'pretty picture'...... The peonies are lovely i love seeing them in bloom, its a shame they dont last longer....

Priscilla x

Oliver Rain said...

This porch is so lovely. Must have been hard to give it up. I can only imagine that your new house has even better features. Have a great day Jillian!