Friday, June 27, 2008

That Darn Cat

For anyone who has pets, you know each one has a unique personality, whether you like cats or dogs. We happen to have cats, three of them. Two were mine before I married my Dear Hubby and one was his (or should I say she was acquired for his three kids when they were least that's what he claims!)
Recently I've found them in the darndest places around the house:
This is Miss Minnie. She was the first cat I've had on my own, since "leaving the nest." She was 12 years old this year. I suppose this gives her some sort of special rights... like sitting on the very edge of the couch because she knows not to sleep up there. I think it is too cute how she uses the arm rest.

This is Sissy Miss. She's my other cat....and about half the age of Minnie. She's just started this habit of jumping up on the chair when I am eating at the counter.... hoping I am going to set a place for her, I think.
Here she is about to try a "no-no." We don't need cats on the counter.


And this is Love, my Dear Hubby' step-children's cat. I found her sacked out on my favorite travel bag in our bedroom. I have the bag out ready to go so I can pack soon...(will post about my upcoming trip later) but she's obviously too big to go in it! She must have been really tired and wouldn't BUDGE. I walked past her about 10 times before I even saw her there.

Love tries to keep her distance from the other two... poor thing. Since she came from a different household the cats just can't seem to all get along. My two kind of gang up on her, even though it has been more than four years since Dear Hubby and I were married. Who can blame her for trying to get a little peace and quiet?

She just might have the best idea yet.


MJ said...

What pretty cats! Poor Love ~ she must feel so excluded! It always happens that 1 of the 3 is left out whether humans or other species I guess!

Oliver Rain said...

I love kitties. Mine always climb in my suitcase whenever its left out too. All the cats are very pretty.

Michelle said...

Your cats are sweet and definitely have great personalities! I think Love wants to go on the trip with you. Looking forward to hearing about your trip.


Dana said...

I am a cat lover and I can say you have some very sweet ones at YOUR home, too. I love the personalities they have---and they all do have their own. You captured some terrific kitty moments!

Priscilla said...

Hi, I just loved reading about your cats, they are all so cute, and sitting on the very edge, ha,ha must be the cozy part of the seat? he,he I love cats and hearing about the cat family dynamics in your household made me smile.......

See you again soon
Priscilla x