Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Good 'Ol Days

There's something about a diner. Is it the cheeseburgers, the french fries, and the milkshakes? The love for the "all American fare?"

Recently we took my Sister and her family to a local burger joint ...we thought the kids would like it...and they did, but I think it was the adults that could appreciate it more. We grew up going to these kinds of diners in NJ. This one in particular is fun because it is decorated in the 1950's style.

They even have vintage car shows on their grounds every year. Car collectors and fifties buffs gather from all over. This is of course, what attracted my husband to it. We also found our "wedding car" by visiting this diner during one of their car shows. As antique dealers we thought this would be perfect for the drive from the church to the reception...and it was! An aqua blue FORD Fairlane with the convertible top.

The whole reason I came up with the idea of using a vintage car was because in my parents wedding album there is a photo of them up close in the back of an old car...and I always loved that photo and wanted to recreate it in my own wedding album. The only problem was my Mother said to me...."but Jillian.....that was a BRAND NEW car at the time." To me, it looked "old" and it spoke volumes to me about a time when I wasn't born yet and a time I wanted to visit because it looked FUN.

So is this the appeal? The unknown? Why does a former time seem like the "good 'ol days?" Above is a copy of an old Woolworth's menu....with prices so cheap for things like sandwiches and shakes for a quarter. But if we put things into perspective, isn't it all relative? We're making more money now because things cost more and so on. Do the 80's seem like the good ol days to our kids? Will the times now seem great?

Only time will tell.


Oliver Rain said...

I love that wedding photo. I also love diners.

Connie said...

Oh my gosh, "DUH"!!!! I have a menu from my high school graduation with those kinds of prices!!!! Yikes. I posted it on my blog a couple of months ago. Can you imagine a steak for $2.00?!?!?! By no means does this mean I'm old; I prefer "gently seasoned", my sweet little chickadee!! :-)

Dana said...

Now that was a sweet post, Jillian! Diners are wonderful and if you're lucky enough to live some place where one is still up and running you are fortunate, indeed. What a great ride you must've had in that old car on your wedding day! You did a terrific job on you chandelier cover! They don't make the new machines have as well as your mom's old one! Be happy you have it! ;-)

Michelle said...


That wedding photo has my ultimate dream car!! How fun ~

Diners are the best and I think the food tastes better than anything.

Hey, you did a GREAT job on that chandelier cover..very impressed :)


MJ said...

Just looking at that diner I can taste cholesterol! Yummy!

I too borrowed a vintage car for our wedding: my father collected cars & we used a 1952 green Hornet. Cool car for photos. He won lots of awards for it...

Rue said...

To us it seems like a sweeter time. I know it wasn't all poodle skirts and Elvis, but I'm sure it was better than these days LOL

Cool car and I love diner food! yummy :)