Monday, May 4, 2009

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Yesterday I went to a M.O.P.S. meeting. No, it is not where we learn how to become domestic goddesses and wave our magic brooms. It stands for Mothers of Preschoolers. Twice a month we get a chance to get some "mommy time" and hang out with other Mommies.

Yesterday was the first time I brought Dear Bebe.

As soon as I brought her to the nursery and the ladies started to take her out of the car seat, she started crying. Oh this broke my heart but they insisted they would be fine and that I should go to the meeting.

Well, it didn't last very long. Dear Bebe would not change her mood until I came back.

I'm thinking it's because we have too much fun here at home:

She LOVES this jumpy swing, hung in the living room doorway.

Mommy plays her vintage (1968) Disney's Merriest Songs album. Bebe's favorites are the "Tigger Song" (cause I'm the only one) and The Jungle Book's "I Wanna Walk Like You."

Unfortunately this is not my original record, nor is this photo. But, I found one on ebay that isn't too scratched...the only song we can't play is Alice in Wonderland's "I'm Late."

And when Dear Hubs feeds Dear Bebe it is always fun...I've never heard her laugh so much! And yes, this is a rare glimpse at Dear Hubby...let's see if he'll "allow" this photo to stay on the blog. Afterall, it's just a profile.

And here she is with a friend over...she was so thrilled to have a playmate.
She's getting so big...and I'm having just as much fun as she is!


Connie said...

Tell hubby to have no fear. I put Jack's on once in a while and he's such a "ham" he loves it! I figure he can handle himself if some chick throws herself all over him and tells him "You're so hot"!!! If he can't then I'LL handle it for him! LOL LOL

Le Bèbè is a doll!

kab said...

She is so cute!!!! Keep trying the
MOPS thing even if you just leave her for a few minutes at a time-it is good for her and you! Love, Auntie!

JanaBanana said...

Im with you, I couldnt leave... Autumn wouldnt allow it either and Im perfectly ok with that :)
She is adorable and growing so fast.
Daddy is the ONLY one that Autumn will eat for. Makes it very rough during the day...
Have a great week

Ms.Daisy said...

She IS a happy BeBe! We had so much fun when I was there last.


Dawn said...

Aw, she is so cute! I agree with kab, it's good for her to be with other grown-ups. My sister spent every minute with her first and her daughter 'quit' kindergarden because her daughter was so into her. By her second though, my sister was a old pro!

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MJ said...

Boy, have I been there. K and N both got kicked out of kiddie care because they caused such disruptions because I was working out in the same facility. I eventually quit the gym because it was so costly to pay for a membership, parking and child-care for the less than 10 minutes that they were in childcare!

Good luck getting some mommy-time!

jennifer said...

She is growing!! We had the bouncy swing and it was SO much fun to watch my son in it. He was an excellent bouncer :)

This was such a warm and happy post. Even the tears in the nursery took me back to when my babies were little.