Friday, May 15, 2009

It was Africa Hot

Five years ago today, I married my best friend. Here I am on the day of my wedding.

I didn't realize I had white knuckles until I saw the photos later.

The photographer was very observant!

And when you take the plunge toward marital bliss you are concerned about a few things.

We had a lovely wedding. It started out a gorgeous, sunny day. We had everything in place. Vintage cars lined up to take us from the church to the outdoor reception. We had a tent, a caterer, a cake, and a DJ.

What we didn't have was a breeze. You see, what I was mostly worried about when planning our outdoor wedding reception was ....would it be a chilly day or would it do the unthinkable....rain?

What I didn't factor in was extremely hot weather!

Like Africa hot.

I for one, actually like hot weather. But some people aren't able to deal with it too well.

Dear Hubs was at one point in his Tux setting up a fan to help beat the heat inside the tent. Who would have thunk it in the middle of May in Pennsylvania? Not me.

It was still a fabulous day and no matter what else went wrong (and things did go wrong) I didn't let it bother me. The day was going to be wonderful no matter what.

And you know what. It was. And it's five years later ....

I'm still glad I married my Dear Dear Hubs.

Happy Anniversary, honey!


kab said...

Your best friend is one blessed man to have married you! What a lovely tribute to your anniversary! Happy 5 years sista!
Love your sis! (who also married HER best friend!)

MJ said...

Suuuuweet! Happy anniversary! (PS: love the convertible!)

The Pink Potpourri said...

how sweet! happy anniversary. you are such a beautiful bride and it looks like such a wonderful wedding, despite the heat!

Kat said...

Happy Happy Anniversary :)
nice pics, you put in your blog.

still love reading your blog!
(although I have not really time to write long articles)

Greeting from all of us,
Love Kat and family

Lisa said...

What beautiful pictures! Happy Anniversary!
Hugs, Lisa

JanaBanana said...


Ms.Daisy said...

Happy Happy Anniversary! See ya soon!

Ms. Daisy

Michelle said...


Happy Anniversary!! I wish you and your hubby many years of happiness!