Tuesday, May 26, 2009

GREASE Fotonovel

It was the late 70's. I was about 10 years old. And GREASE was the word.

Not only was it the word, it was also a movie. And I was obsessed.

I loved it so much I had the record album and a "Fotonovel" like the one seen in these pictures. It was great because I could have the whole movie right at my fingertips. I thought whoever came up with this book was a GENIUS! Ha! Makes me giggle now...

I listened to that album and recited the words from this book for years. I'll bet I still know most of it. Today I looked up GREASE Fotonovel online and someone wrote a piece about how the FOTONOVEL has made a comeback. Apparently it died out after a couple of years. Guess it wasn't as genius as my little 10 year old mind thought.

Either way, I'm impressed to find copies of it selling online for $50.00. I still have mine! I wouldn't sell it .... the memories are just too precious.

Do you still have any "pop culture" items from your youth? Tell me about it!


Lisa said...

Oh I remember going to see Grease. It was one of the frist movies I saw with my friends (no parents). Mom went with me once too she wanted to see it! Thanks for sharing your memory!
Hugs, Lisa

Ms.Daisy said...

I'll bet even I could recite lines from Grease I heard that album played so many times! LOL! :-) It was a great time to grow up wasn't it - compared to what today's kids have to deal with!


MJ said...

I had the same Fotonovel but it is long gone! I too loved Grease and would self-sensor "Grease Lightning" which wasn't suitable for parental ears. (I was likely worried they'd seize the 8-track tape if they actually listened to the lyrics!)

Dawn said...

Oh, I was a teenager and I can remember my dad teasing me about my posters and ACTUAL swooning over John T. He'd let me play my album on his expensive stero though, hummmm maybe his insistance had something....like he liked Grease too!

Kris said...

Oh' I was so in love with John Travolta. I still think he is a good looking man, just get's better with age. I would sing all the songs from the Grease movie and act out the scenes. :) What fun memories.


MsDale said...

I could have written this posting, Jillian. I was a few years older (13), but still have my Fotonovel too ... and I still think they're brilliant :-)
This week marks the 35th anniversary of the movie's release. A bunch of us will be watching in a makeshift backyard drive-in Thursday night. Afterall, Grease *is* the word! Thanks for posting this.