Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day: What Have We Forgotten?

Recently I received these in an email ...

Sure helped me think.

Let's take time this weekend as we gather around the burgers and the barbecue to remember. . .the real heroes who paid a huge price for our freedom.

Thank you.


MJ said...

Happy Memorial Day weekend. I've never paid attention to it much (as we don't celebrate it ~ we have Remembrance Day in November). I'm sure it is hitting closer to home now that your son is serving too.

Lisa said...

I'm super HUGE on being an American. VERY proud of it and try to be thankful for it everyday. It's good to remember!
Hugs, Lisa

Mrs. Sugartunes said...

AMEN Sista J! They are the reason why we are free...God bless them all and especially dear stepson!
Love ya, Sista K

dana said...

Such a great post. We seem to get so caught up with the day off work and the bar-b-ques, we forget what the day means. Thanks for such a good reminder. Dana