Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back to School!

My sweetie pies (neice and nephew) went back to school this week.

Are they adorable or what? I especially love the school uniforms. My Sister and I didn't have to wear them. Makes it easy to figure out what to wear!

I remember that first day back to school feeling. Excitement, anxious about the unknown. Will I like my new teachers? Will I see my friends?

Wasn't being a kid grand?


MJ said...

What a relief! I noticed your title and bounded over thinking you had somehow decided to return to school!

It's bitter-sweet seeing those little ones go off to school. Your turn is coming too!

Kat said...

huhu, oh they have to wear uniforms? good thing I think, makes a lot easier and the look good.

love to read all your posts :)
unfortunately I have no time to write in my blog.

So hope to hear from you soon,
kat xox

kab said...

Hey, those kids ARE adorable! Oh that's right I'm the biased mom! LOL! I think K's messenger bag is almost as big as her! We do love the uniforms...easy, easy! Thanks for posting!