Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm Going to Miss...

As Dear Bebe approaches her one year birthday I am realizing how much I'm going to miss my little baby girl. Yes, she'll always be my baby girl but this was our first year together and it was special!

I'm going to miss seeing her Grandmothers hold her for the first time.

And her Aunties.

I'm going to miss her little chubby cheeks as I dressed her in "too too cute" outfits.

Like this one with ears.

And the bunny suit. Gosh that was cute.

And I'm going to miss how much she hated her first bath. No, scratch that. I'm not going to miss that. I felt terrible. Just look AT THAT FACE. The "Why are you doing this to me face."

But then look at that sleeping cherubic face!

Or this one. So sweet! I'm going to miss these moments.

And the way she discovered new things.

I'm going to miss how proud she was of herself for sitting up in a real chair.

And I'm definitely going to miss how she hooks her little feet onto the tray of the high chair.

Well, I'm just going to miss just about EVERYTHING!

But I look forward to more. More things she will learn, more ways I can teach her, and more ways that she teaches me things about my life.

Thanks for a great year, Sweetie.


MJ said...

Sweet post! Happy bday Bebe! Give your parents a run for their money!

Connie said...

She is definitely a cutie and one of the prettiest babies I've ever seen. The look on your face as she slept on your chest was adorable also, sugar. in the world could you let than little chickee play with your paper garland, honey?!?!?! That took courage to give it over to her.... ;-)

Ms.Daisy said...

I loved traveling back over this year with you and BeBe. Loved seeing her grow and change before our very eyes! Enjoy the adventure!

Ms.Daisy Mau

Lisa said...

Oh Happy 1st! My sweet niece Cupcake will be one TOMORROW!!! We just can't believe it but also don't remember life without her! You have many many wonderful years and memories ahead!
Hugs, Lisa

kab said...

This precious girl is the SWEETEST, CUTEST baby niece an Auntie could have! I cannot beleive it is almost her bithday! Looking forward to cake! :)