Thursday, January 24, 2008

Celebration of Life! & Not So Thrifty

How girlfriend (we became instant friends while we worked at a TV station together...we were both from the same state) called me today from her hospital room. She was going to have her baby today! CONGRATULATONS! His name is Zane. So today I would like to just celebrate life...we do not get a chance to do that very often and I'm so happy for her. This is her second child and now she has two boys.

Also today, I decided to check out our local thrift store. Now is it just around here or are prices pretty high anymore? (Ok, now I feel terrible, the money goes to charity!)

Well, the bottom line is... I really didn't find anything too great. Another apothecary jar though! This time I'm going to find something different to put inside. Any ideas?


Betty said...

I like jars....I fill them with sea shells, marbles, the bathroom soaps, q-tips, cotton the kitchen....dried beans, peas, pastas.....

By the way, please drop in to see me,I have something for you....Betty

PurpleFlowerFairy said...

our neighbors have a grandson named zane. i very rarely hear that name =) i hear ya on thrift store prices! yikes!!! some of the shops around here have really high prices. i understand it's for charity, but goodness, it's also supposed to be an inexpensive place to shop. debbie

Anonymous said...

How about a nest with a birdie?

Michelle said...

I would fill it would something Valentine's..maybe chocolate?? chocolate that is wrapped in pretty red or pink foil.

Congratulations to your friend and the birth of her baby! I love the name she picked too :)