Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Flat Stanley Goes to the Farm

Have you ever met Flat Stanley? This is my second time helping this little guy out. The first was when I was working for the local tv station, and he made his way from the news anchor desk to the control room, to the edit rooms of our Promtion and Marketing department. Now, I offered to take Mr. Stanley up to the family farm for a school in Millville, NJ. He saw what life is like on a Pennsylvania farm. He had a lot of fun, but it sure was COLD! He can't wait to go back and tell all the kids about what he learned here.

This was his view from the van as we sped along the highway...pretty red barns!

Mmmm...homemade apple pies. My Father-in-law made these!

Stanley checks out the corn field. Every time I see these pictures I just can't help myself and hear "Oh Nooooooooooooo!" Anyone remember Mr. Bill?

A bit snowy but Mr. Stanley met the cows and was so excited to hear that the two matching cows were actually TWINS!

If you'd like to host Flat Stanley, leave me a note on my blog. They would love for you to show him around so the first graders at the School could see more of the US and actually, more of the world! He travels easily and arrives by mail.

Well, we had a great visit...and spent our third Christmas celebration with my In-laws (and of course, with our jolly Mr.Stanley. ) One more to go! Although I may have to roll there after "taste testing" all of the treats. Definitely putting the new year diet on hold...

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My Pink Boutique said...

Too funny! I'd be happy to host Flat Stanley. :) Drop me an email!