Thursday, January 3, 2008

A not so Crowning moment

Last night I was working on some crafty projects...painting & decorating furniture...when I decided I needed to turn on the TV. Since I really don't enjoy watching Deal or No Deal on NBC, I flipped over to the CW network which I find entertaining. Usually. Last night was the first time I'd checked out CROWNED. The Mother of All Pageants. You've got to be kidding me. Now, don't get mad at me or think I am being too critical, but this show is terrible! The awful lighting they use on the "stage"..... this show should be axed. On top of it they use these horrible sound affects when the contestants have to "cut" the sash of the latest "losers" to leave the show. I'm not sure if it is every show but last night's slasher sasher ceremony was particularly full of some serious bawling. P-l-e-a-s-e....this is pathetic!

And I'm not even against pageantry. Or reality shows. I am a FORMER pageant contestant myself. Yes, I got up in front of EVERYONE, walked around in foofy clothes and blurbed my career plans into a microphone. It all started in high school when I entered the local Teen pageant. A classmate of mine had said "I'm going to enter, why don't you enter with me?" And then I won. I still have my pink and black sash and rhinestone crown.
From there I entered other pageants, mostly in the Miss America Pageant program to earn scholarship money for college. I always placed in the top group...which was fine. I didn't HAVE to have the crown. And I did use the money to pay for tuition. Boys played sports for college money, I entered pageants.

It was also a chance for me to be able to put to use all of those dance lessons my parents paid for. Now I am so thankful they did that for me. All the times my Mother drove me to class! And all those recitals and costumes. But I wouldn't be who I am today without my dancing. I LOVE TO DANCE. I was meant to dance. It's in my soul. I can't tell you how much fun it was dancing up on stage, by myself, to fun broadway and Liza Minelli songs. Probably why my blog reads "and all that jazz" in the title.

I guess what bothered me about the show was how tacky they make it appear. This wasn't what I had experienced at all. Pageants were challenging, but they were also fun and great learning experiences. Certainly helped me learn how to interview which came in handy for jobs later on in life.

Whatever your opinion is of pageants....some people say they degrade women....and others think they provide great opportunities. Either way, CROWNED is none of them. It's just SAD!

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