Friday, December 26, 2008

Bebe's First Christmas

A Bebe. A Christmas gathering. People. Put them all together and you have one overwhelmed little one. It was Bebe's first Christmas and she was so good. I couldn't have asked for a better gift this year.

We went to my Dear Hubby's family farm for Christmas yesterday. He has many siblings and we all descend upon the farmhouse like ants to a picnic.

And poor Dear Bebe was like "Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa." Okay, she didn't say that but sometimes I could see the look on her face!

Meanwhile, somehow it has become tradition to blast A Christmas Story on the TV in the background as TBS runs it in a marathon broadcast all day. Mostly because Uncle R says "This is the greatest movie ever made!" Mmm.....I'm not so sure about that but I still enjoy watching it too, so I don't say anything.

So after being held by Mommy and Daddy for awhile, she was held by Aunt K. We told Aunt K she needs to live much closer because she was so great with Bebe. They spent a lot of time together...which Bebe enjoyed!

Here she is with Cousin C. Another good moment but it was short lived. Cousin C just got married and probably didn't want the child "bug" to rub off on her just yet.

Cousin K. also had a chance to hold Dear Bebe. Yet another fun time but then cousin K said "I want a baby!" And Aunt K said ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh noooooooooo. Cousin K is still in high school... but she was great with Dear Bebe too and I'm so glad they had a chance to be together.

And FINALLY Gramma M got a chance to spend time with her Dear Grand Bebe. (Gramma had been cooking all morning for us...and please don't be upset with us for making Dear Gramma cook ...she has said when the cut off year is and it is coming soon.) By this time however, Bebe was getting bleary eyed. Can you tell?

Gramma and Bebe had a great moment and there is just something about a Gramma. They know exactly what to do and the next thing you know Bebe is over Gramma's shoulder for a snuggle. Really glad they were able to "meet." It was their first time!

So Dear Bebe made it through the long drive there, the whole afternoon, and the long drive home.

Whew! Who knew a first Christmas could be so tiring?

And I'll bet Dear Bebe was tired, too.


MJ said...

Sounds like you had an eventful first X'mas with Bebe! Glad to read that everyone made it home safe & sound! I'm sure today was much more restful!!

Connie said...

Look at that little tummy!!! Hah, she's so cute, chickee. My painter's wife just had her baby and is bringing her over to see me tomorrow!!! I can hardly wait and am so excited to be kissin' fresh from heaven baby soft skin... I think I'll get some pix of her to share also.
SMooches for le bebe,

Jen r. said...

How sweet! What a wonderful Christmas!

dana said...

Oh, it does look like the family LOVED that little baby so much!! What a wonderful Christmas Gift to all--the joy of holding a tiny babe.
We watch/listened to The Christmas Story EVERY Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day, too. Many of our family members can recite the script word for word!
I hope you have the greatest of New Years---it has been so wonderful finding you and your Mom via blogging!!! Thank you for all of the great posts you have shared! L, Dana