Friday, December 19, 2008

Kitties & Bebe n Christmas Trees

Some of you have asked how I'm going to deal with having a toddler around with so many antiques. In my post a few weeks ago, I wrote about my love for decorating with vintage ornaments.

Well, the truth is, I'm probably going to do what I've done in the past with my kitties who love to play with ornaments, climb Christmas trees, and run through my antique collections.

This is Miss Minnie. (Her name is Minnie but I just have to add the "Miss" because it IS her personality. She owns the place.)

And that is Miss Minnie hiding(?) at the back my Christmas tree in 1997. I would have loved having the whole tree decorated but she was just a kitty toddler (must have been her terrible two's...or is that 7's???) and loved climbing my tree. She still loves it when I get the tree out because she likes to nibble on the branches, but her climbing days are over.

I miss those days! As much of a pain she was, it was fun.

So, I look forward to my Dear Bebe growing and growing, running around, and getting into things. Anything valuable or family heirloom related will be placed up higher than she can reach.

The rest will have to be plastic for awhile. And just in case Bebe has a need to climb the tree, we've got the baby gates! We bought them two years ago to keep the cats out of the formal living area. Unfortunately two of the cats figured out how to hurdle them right away. Miss Minnie didn't figure it out (or was too lazy) for at least a year.

And hopefully someday, Dear Bebe will enjoy antiquing with me... and we can replace whatever may break during these discovery years. I can't wait.


Ms.Daisy said...

What a great pictue of Minnie in that tree! It is soooo cute! I doubt very much that BeBe will be climbing, but I KNOW she will be just as curious about those shiny, dangling thingys!


Connie said...

Bebe's first Christmas!!! Squeeeeeeallll!!! Merry little Christmas, sweet chick....and to the mini-chick........

Twinkle Pink said...

Thank you for coming by, I love your vintage things too and I am sure bebe will know what to touch and what not too over the years lol.

best wishes at christmas.

dana said...

I love that picture of Ms. Minnie pretending she's an ornament! You are so correct about comparing kittens and toddlers! Yep, they're just the same--one has fur and the other doesn't--that's the only difference! Oops, except for the claws! Another tiny difference.

I just reviewed some of your recent posts! I have been so busy with my last sale and "life in general" that I don't think I have visited you since (gasp!) Thanksgiving!

I know you are just enjoying the dickens out of mothering that sweet infant of yours! Merry Christmas to you and yours. Dana

cammy @ freckledfarm said...

OMG, it took me a minute to see Miss Minnie hanging out in the tree.....that is just too funny!
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!!

MJ said...

Wow, I never knew cats would climb trees like that ~ sounds like you are well prepared for Bebe! Also, it is one thing to lose vintage ornaments, another thing to lose family heirlooms too! Happy holidays!